Oak Coffee Tables

Oak coffee tables, I’m biased. I’m going to come out with a bold statement right off the bat. I love oak coffee tables, in my mind, they are the best wooden coffee tables you can buy for any price. Did I get your attention? Well, I jest a little bit. If you’ve read a little bit of my blog you’ll know that I’m generally partial to wood coffee tables overall and that I have my own round oak coffee table. So I’m a little biased when it comes to wood tables or natural products of any sort.

But I did get you to reading didn’t I? And this article is going to be all about oak coffee tables as well as other wooden coffee tables of all shapes and sizes. Pine coffee tables will also most likely make their appearance as pine is another popular choice in wood when it comes to home furniture.

Shapes and sizes of oak coffee tables

Now as you can imagine, oak coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. You can get oval oak coffee tables, round oak coffee tables, square oak coffee tables, large coffee tables, small coffee tables and cheap coffee tables all made of oak. My personal favorite are solid oak coffee tables and for those you will most likely have to spend a little bit of money. Not a lot mind you, as oak is still a reasonably priced wood. But it’ll be more expensive than oak veneer coffee tables. A quick glance at Amazon showed me that there are a ton of oak coffee tables available from around a hundred bucks to several hundred bucks.

As mentioned earlier though, the more expensive coffee tables are the ones made from solid oak or solid wood. A neat piece of furniture that I’ve seen and wouldn’t mind getting for myself are these iron coffee tables that I’ve seen. The legs are wrought iron and the table top is usually made of wood. They can be designed as contemporary coffee tables, ranch style coffee tables and everything in between.

Designer oak coffee tables

Many designer coffee tables that I’ve seen are made from iron, steel, glass and plastic. Although there are plenty made of wood too. There are a bunch of really neat designs in wood coffee tables if you’re looking for something contemporary and more expensive. A neat example of this is a hardwood coffee table called the Crosby coffee table. Basically, it has 4 layers of horizontal wood table tops and the bottom layer of course is stationary. The other 3 layers can pivot horizontally through 360 degrees so the table can extend itself towards your guests. It looks neat too. A little similar to the lift top coffee table, except in this instance the table tops rotate horizontally not vertically.

There are other designer coffee tables that look like the trunk coffee table and you can find them in all sorts of colors too. The white coffee table is gaining in popularity because of its contemporary design matched with the color.

As for me, well, I’ll just stick to my old fashioned oak coffee table for now. It’s served me well for years and we go back quite a ways and share lots of memories together. Though if the time should ever come there are a few other oak coffee tables I have my eye on!