Oak Coffee Table – Fine Wood For Your Coffee Cup

An oak coffee table makes a nice addition for any home decor. There is something about natural wood that seems to fit into any type of home decor from the elegant and refined to the rustic ranch look. One of my favorite oak coffee tables was one that a friend made for me that has stood the test and abuse of time.

This solid oak coffee table is very plain with just a nice coat of varnish. You can see the love in this table over the years. There are dings and dents and marks on it that show its age and use. Probably every single day I rest at least one cup of coffee on this table as I work on my computer or read the paper and try to do the crossword.

My oak coffee table

It is a round coffee table that just sits nicely between my recliner and the couch. Anyway, you’re probably not that interesting in my oak coffee table anyway. You probably are expecting an informative on oak coffee tables. So let me see if I can help with that.

Oak coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They’re round like mine or rectangular. These are the most common tables that you can buy at the big box stores. Though some of my favorite wood coffee tables tend to be in a somewhat odd shape. I’ve seen some at estate sales and auctions where it looks like a big ring of the oak tree was cut from the tree diagonally to make a very nice somewhat elongated shape with the bark still on it.

I’d like to get one like this but I haven’t seen any recently in my travels and honestly I don’t really have the space.

The many types of oak coffee table

You can get antique coffee tables to contemporary coffee tables as I said before. There are coffee table designs and looks for just about anyone’s taste. The thing with a real oak coffee table is that it might catch you by surprise as to how heavy they are. Oak is a hard wood and as such it is very heavy and dense. So be prepared to bring some hired guns if you’re looking to move an oak table any distance.

Now, the type of wood a person likes is pretty personal. Personally, I love the warm, orangey color of oak. i prefer the lighter wood colors because I think they are warmer. But many others prefer a darker hue. That seems to be pretty popular nowadays with the types of contemporary design and colors in the newer homes. Worse case, you can always use a dark stain on your oak coffee table, but I’m not sure why you would want to do that. Isn’t the purpose of having a wooden table to enjoy the natural grain and hue of the natural wood?

So there you have it. An oak coffee table makes a very nice addition to your home. I don’t know about you, but enjoying nice, natural products in my home just gives me a greater appreciation for my coffee. But that could just be me and my love for my oak coffee table.