Noguchi Coffee Table – Contemporary Elegance

The Noguchi coffee table is named after the half Japanese half American world renowned and esteemed sculptor, artist, architect, furniture and landscape designer Isamu Noguchi. Noguchi sadly passed away in 1988 but not before a career of excellence in architecture and design. He was born in America but his interests and life led him to become a bohemian traveler and he traveled extensively before sharing his time between Japan and America to work.

His sculptures are elegantly simple like much of his design, and especially his Noguchi coffee table which has become a very popular and highly sought after piece of furniture, even art, in many contemporary homes. So you might hear this coffee table referred to by his full name, the Isamu Noguchi coffee table. An original of this modern coffee table would costs tens of thousands of dollars if not much more, but the design has now been employed by a variety of coffee table manufacturers. You’ll notice the simple elegance of the design in the accompanying picture. Pure artistic simplicity and beauty.

The Herman Miller Noguchi coffee table

The picture attached is of the Noguchi table by Herman Miller, one of the most popular versions of the Noguchi coffee table available today. It is also one of the more expensive versions too. This Herman Miller Noguchi table can be yours for less than $2 grand. But isn’t it just a joy and beauty to behold. This particular Noguchi coffee table has deep brown walnut legs in the traditional Noguchi style. It is true to the original which can be found in the Museum of Modern Art. The legs can be interlocked and moved out for some personal choice creating a tripod that creates self-stabilizing support. The glass top is in the classic skewed egg shape with beveled edges and is three quarters of an inch thick. The overall size is around sixteen inches high by fifty inches long and thirty six inches deep. It’s a heavy sucker, but that should be of no surprise considering it is made of solid glass and solid hardwood. Expect to be hefting close to two hundred pounds when it arrives at your door.

Other styles of Noguchi coffee tables include the Kirch Tribeca Noguchi coffee table in a variety of different woods. My personal favorite which should come as no surprise would be the Isamu Noguchi table in natural wood. A nice warm golden yellow table.

Noguchi coffee table styles

Many of these Noguchi style coffee tables can be had for around five hundred bucks. Very affordable for most of us. I’ve gotta say, that coming across this table has been a treat. I’d love to own one, but like with so much of the stuff I write about, I just don’t have the space for everything I want. But if I did, I would invest in a Noguchi coffee table, probably the Herman Miller Noguchi. This as I’ve said before is a very elegant modern glass coffee table.

Given birth by one of America’s most prominent designers, Isamu Noguchi, who as an aside was interned during the war, sadly, the Noguchi coffee table came to life in 1944. Yet it seems like such a contemporary glass coffee table that it might as well have been designed yesterday! The Noguchi coffee table will remain a classic for years to come.