Nespresso D90

Nespresso D90

Today we’ll do a Nespresso D90 review. I’ve been writing lately about espresso machines and I’d consider the Nespresso D90 to be an espresso machine although it is a hybrid coffee maker in my opinion. A cross between a single serve coffee maker and an espresso machine.

Now I’m going to be honest with you and say that I have my misgivings about single serve coffee makers. Call me old fashioned if you will, but I think that enjoying coffee is too a large degree an art. And brewing espresso and roasting coffee beans and all that jazz as they say is an art. It is one of the reasons I enjoy supporting indy coffee shops. They’re not as formulaic as the big brand coffee shops.

Now having said that, I do recognize that many of us are in the market for single serve coffee makers and they make a find addition as a second coffee maker in your home. Or the only one if you’re not that particular about the art of coffee. And the Nespresso Essenz D90 is a fine choice for easy, quick and reliable espresso every time. The cheap Nespresso Essenza is similarly priced to other single serve coffee makers.

Here’s some of the many features of the Essenza Nespresso:

  • Single serve espresso maker with ease of use coffee capsules
  • 19 bar pump, Thermoblock heater and manual volume control
  • Removable 34 ounce water reservoir and electronic temperature regulation
  • 12 capsules included and capsules self eject into collection bucket when finished
  • Backlit control button and 1 year warranty

As I write this there are 18 5 star reviews of the Nespresso D90/S1, so folks are really very happy with it. However, I’ve found that it is difficult to obtain Nespresso capsules. There are a limited number of Nespresso boutiques in malls around the country and failing that you have to order online from the Nespresso store. Personally, at this time I can’t recommend the Nespresso D90 when you’re limited to how you can obtain the coffee capsules for your machine and you’re hooked into only Nespresso for your coffee needs. However, many folks love them, so I’ll leave it for you to decide.

Here’s one happy customer’s thoughts on the Nespresso D90:

Review shortened for space – Click here for full review

The Nespresso Essenza (and probably the other Nespresso machines similar in design) produces the perfect cup… The secret seems to be in the strong pumping mechanism… and their superb coffee capsules. It is amazing that I can now enjoy the best espresso almost instantly. – E. Hemingway