Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Today we’ll explore the Mr. Coffee mug warmer which quite frankly is a very neat idea. I’ve often wondered what would be the solution to scalding hot coffee at the beginning and then tepid coffee at the end. One solution that I use that works quite well is an insulated French press mug. Or even just a thermal stainless steel coffee travel mug for when I’m on the road. This is great for when you’re on the road. But what about when you’re home?

When I’m at home, I don’t really want to be drinking out of my thermal travel mug, I personally like a nice ceramic coffee mug. And if I’m like most of you, there is one particular cup that is my “coffee cup” in that I hardly ever drink anything else out of it. And before I cam across the Mr. Coffee mug warmer and the whole general idea of the coffee cup warmer I’d just be content with burning my tongue as I took my first few sips of coffee, and then nuking my coffee about halfway through when it felt like I was drinking an iced coffee and not a hot coffee.

I did this for years. Drinking too hot coffee in small aspirated sips in the beginning of enjoying my fresh, hot coffee and then having to reheat if after half an hour when I was on the home stretch of my coffee. Maybe the problem is I spend a lot of time working on the computer and so I get distracted. But now thanks to my electric coffee cup warmer I no longer have to microwave my coffee halfway through enjoying it.

The coffee warmer plate is an ingenious little idea that is taken from the drip brew coffee maker. Basically, just get rid of the whole coffee machine except for the warming plate that the coffee carafe sits on and you’ve got the coffee mug warmer a la Mr. Coffee mug warmer as shown in the image above.

Now be forewarned, these coffee cup warmers like the Mr. Coffee MWBLK mug warmer get hot enough to burn you and set your things on fire. So as with an electric heater, use some common sense and don’t leave your electric coffee cup warmer on and unattended.

So, how well do these coffee mug warmers actually work. I’ve been told they work better than the USB coffee cup warmers as they get hotter. Now bear in mind that some folks have actually tested these coffee cup warmers out and they’ve found that if you put a cold cup of coffee or water on the Mr. Coffee mug warmer you’ll be disappointed with the results. However, if you put a fresh, hot cup of coffee on the Mr. Coffee electric cup warmer you’ll be more than satisfied. It will keep your coffee hot throughout your enjoyment of it, but not hot enough to scald your tongue and burn the coffee.