Modern Coffee Tables

Modern coffee tables, which we’ll spend the rest of this article talking about, really encompass a large number of table designs. And to be honest right from the start, a modern coffee table is really quite subjective. As the more crude cliche goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And so it is with art. Everyone’s appreciation of art is very subjective, and I’d like to suggest that as we get into the realm of contemporary tables that we enter into art. Many designers who are offering white coffee tables and other very contemporary tables have spent time at design schools and art schools. Their creativity is reflected in the design of these modern coffee tables.

Many design firms are adding their flair and touch to home furnishings. Not satisfied with designing the shell of the home, these designer want to lend their hand to your home’s interior as well as the furnishings that you’ll place inside your sanctuary. Of course, Italy is renowned for their design. And the Albatross wooden coffee table by Cattellan Italia is a beautiful example of this design excellence. Looking like an x with arms, it is very eye catching, contemporary and will sure to start conversations amongst your guests. It has a very nice walnut canaletto and wenge finish. Canaletto was an 18th century Italian painter renowned for his landscapes, but canaletto also means narrow channel in Italian and this is what I believe the finish to resemble.

Wooden modern coffee tables

Walnut canaletto gives the appearance of short, narrow slats of wood pressed together. It is a very distinctive and contemporary look. Wenge is a dark wood that comes in and out of fashion periodically. As of this writing it is currently in fashion. Also known as African Rosewood, Wenge (Pronounced “when-gay”) has a lovely copperish brown tone.

Innovation Living offers a few modern coffee table designs. One I particularly like is a square coffee table with a graphic glass top. It has a very nice photographic tree print on the glass top, but I’m sure by the time you read this other examples will be available. Speaking of modern coffee tables and glass coffee tables in particular, a very popular contemporary style is the black glass coffee table. Many designers seem to be using black for their contemporary table designs. We can look a little further back to the Noguchi coffee table which is now available with a black glass top from some designers.

Glass modern coffee tables

Tonin Casa has a delightfully shaped off-angled x glass coffee table at the moment which is very modish and sophisticated. This modern coffee table is available in both a clear finish, i.e. plain glass or the black glass. Now of course, when you’re buying designer coffee tables like these by renowned designers Italian of otherwise, you’ll expect to pay a little more. Think in the couple of thousands range and you’ll be in the ballpark.

But as with most coffee tables, and most art generally, there are options for all price budgets. You can find a wonderful pine coffee table or oak coffee table in contemporary designs too. And this wood being more common will bring the price down to some degree. The most important factor in price however is the designer or design house involved.

An example of a contemporary oak coffee table is the modern scando oak coffee table that has wonderful flow to it. Looking like the small letter n with the upright tilted to the left in order to fit magazines, this is a very simple but elegant design that I really like. And the price is terrific too. For around half a grand or so this is one of those modern coffee tables that most of us could splurge for if we were in the market for such a table.

Those are just a few examples of modern coffee tables but by no means is this an exhaustive list. You can also find custom made wrought iron coffee tables which are really one of a kind and very bold. Heavy as hell too! But whatever type of table you’re looking for, remember that there is one to fit your budget and taste. Just don’t rush the purchase. Coffee tables can and should last a lifetime especially if you’re buying quality. So take your time thinking about and looking at the kinds of modern coffee tables you’d like.