Millstone Coffee Pods

The relatively unknown Millstone coffee pods. Coffee pods are becoming more and more popular practically on a weekly basis or so it seems. And it is in that light that we turn to perhaps a dark horse in the coffee pod market, the Millstone coffee pods. I say dark horse only because most folks are maybe not that familiar with the Millstone coffee company and their products. In fact, we’ll start with a short history on the Millstone coffee company before we get into their gourmet coffee pods. This is in keeping with how we do things around here 🙂 Some of you might like a brief history, others of you might not care a lick for it. If that’s the case, scroll down a paragraph or two to get to the meat of the matter. A brief history won’t take long.

Millstone is from that state that gave us one of the worlds largest and perhaps most loved coffee companies. Some of you might know the name of that company. Especially if you live in that state called Washington! I’m talking about Starbucks coffee company of course. Just a short jaunt of about 20 miles (32 km) north of Seattle is the community of Everett where our story unfolds. Back in 1981 Phil Johnson founded the Millstone coffee company and he sold whole coffee beans to high end coffee shops in the greater Seattle area. He also introduced the idea of retailing whole coffee beans through supermarkets too.

Some history behind the Millstone coffee pods

Phil sold his baby to Procter & Gamble in 1996 who closed down much of the Everett business he had started and ran the operations out of Ohio. In 2008 P & G created The Folgers coffee company which consisted of retail, commercial and Millstone divisions. In 2008 The J.M. Smucker company merged with Folgers. As such Millstone coffee company is now part of J.M. Smucker. No wonder I’ve always enjoyed my PB & J sandwiches with my morning coffee 😉

Alrighty then, let’s get to the espresso pods of the matter. What are the kinds of choices you have with the Millstone coffee pod? That is probably one of your first questions I’m sure. If you own one of a few of the available single serve coffee machines, the coffee maker pod that these accept, your choices have increased. These Millstone coffee pods are formatted to fit the Senseo coffee maker and as such are interchangeable with the Senseo coffee pods.

If you’ve been enjoying the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods for some time then you’ll be familiar with this system. It is the same type of single serve coffee maker as the Home Cafe coffee maker by Black & Decker. The Philips Senseo coffee pods will fit in these machines as will the Millstone coffee pods. The Senseo coffee pod comes in a wide variety of flavors and you can read more about that elsewhere on my blog. The Millstone coffee pod also offers quite a comprehensive line up.

Popular choices amongst Millstone coffee pods

As of this writing, the most popular choices of the Millstone pods are the Millstone Home Cafe coffee pods, French roast, the Millstone Home Cafe coffee pods, Colombian supremo, the Millstone Home Cafe coffee pods, hazelnut cream and the Folgers Home Cafe classic roast coffee pods.

Although not a big player in the coffee pod market, I expect that you’ll be seeing a lot more of Millstone coffee pods in the years to come. Especially when you consider that they’ve partnered with Folgers and that the coffee pod system is becoming more and more popular as folks look for convenience and quality in their coffee beverages. So keep an eye out for Millstone coffee pods, you’ll see them more often in supermarkets in the upcoming years.