Mexican Coffee and Coffee from Other Countries

One of the best things about coffee is the great variety that you can get from this drink. The coffee grown from one place can have a different taste and effect from that produced in another location. While the same thing can be said for other agricultural products, coffee is lot more different. The differences between the various coffee varieties are more pronounced. A real coffee expert and lover can tell if a coffee came from a particular location just by the smell or aroma and that can be confirmed when he tastes the drink. Here are the characteristics of coffee that came from particular countries:

Mexican Coffee- Mexican coffee is grown in the South and South-central parts of the country. Because the coffee growing region covers such a large area there is also a vast difference in the flavour and aroma between the coffee that can be found in the country. Generally however Mexican coffee is characterized by it mildness and it distinct flavouring. Mexico is the largest producers of organic coffee in the world and that is why they have a lion’s share of the market for this type of coffee. Because of the proximity of Mexico to the United States and relatively low price of their coffee, most Mexican coffee finds a market within the United States.

Guatemalan Coffee- Although it shares borders with Mexico which means that their plants are practically planted on the same location, Guatemalan coffee is very distinct from those produced in Mexico. The coffee produced in this country us generally regarded as the best coffee in the wold. The quality of the coffee produced there unfortunately, has been the victim of the complicated system of politics. The violence in the country side has affected the small coffee farmers who produce the majority of the country’s out out.

Ethipia- This is the birthplace of coffee, and it is in the forests of Ethiopia where coffee plant grew wild and abundant before man learned of its amazing properties. The coffee that can be found in Ethiopia has amazing properties and varieties. The people there has the greatest amount of experience when it comes to cultivation and even drinking of coffee so you can rightfully expect them to know what they are doing when it comes to coffee.

Indonesia- Coffee was introduced into Indonesia by the Dutch colonizers of the country. The coffee that can be found in the island of Bali is characterized by a full body a mild flavour. Java is another island in Indonesia that is a major producer of coffee in the world. A few years ago the coffee produced in this country was sold exclusively to the Japanese market, but now they are also exporting their products to the United States.

Coffee is produced in all of the temperate regions of the worth. That includes all of South East Asia, Central America and Africa. With all the places that it can be grown, can you just imagine the amazing varieties of coffee that can be found in the world?