Melitta Coffee Pods – Lots of Choice, Lots of Taste

This article today is all about Melitta coffee pods. Most of us are very familiar with the Melitta brand, they’re a big player in the coffee business, especially in coffee filters. Melitta has quite the history if you aren’t already aware of it. As you know, I always like to give a bit of history and background information about the company or coffee product I’m writing about if I can. I find it helpful and adds color to the article. I hope you feel the same way.

So before we dig right in to the Melitta coffee pod, let us first understand the company that has pretty much become synonymous with coffee filters. Melitta is a German company and was founded by a German housewife. In 1908 this housewife invented the first coffee filter for which she was given a patent to in the same year. Also that year, 1908, she formed her company. Her name was Melitta Bentz and her company was named after her. After all these years, Melitta is still privately held. Revenues for 2009 were almost 1.5 billion US dollars. Not bad for a private company founded up on such a simple but needed idea.

More background on Melitta coffee pods

Melitta USA is headquartered in Clearwater, Florida and they have a roasting plant in New Jersey. There main line of product offerings are the Melitta coffee pods which we’ll be discussing in greater depth. Melitta premium coffees as well as an organic line of coffee called World Harvest Estate Coffees, the ubiquitous Melitta coffee filters and the Melitta tea filter bags too.

But onto the Melitta coffee pods including their espresso coffee pods. The Melitta coffee pods are made from 100% high grown Arabica beans. One should hope so, I wouldn’t expect anything less than the finest Arabica beans in my coffee pods. Additionally, Melitta mentions that their coffee pod contains 30% more coffee than other brands and they are individually foil wrapped which will keep them fresher longer.

The Melitta one:one coffee pods as they are called or Melitta one for short, use the ESE system or the Easy Serving Espresso Pod system. So you aren’t stuck with having to buy a Melitta red coffee maker, these will work on other single serve coffee makers that take the ESE system. Of course, the Senseo coffee maker and other Senseo coffee machines use their own proprietary system, but these Melitta coffee pods should work with the DeLonghi Magnifica or the Jura coffee machine or another DeLonghi coffee machine that you might own.

As with most of the coffee pod manufacturers, the idea is to offer a wide variety of choices. And Melitta does that. Not having to deal with a finicky coffee grind setting for ensure the correct coffee grind for your beans, coffee pods help to make consistent coffee and fresh coffee each time.

Exotic varieties of Melitta coffee pods

Some of the more exotic varieties of coffee pod that Melitta offers are the Love at First Sip coffee pod which is a delightful blend of South and Central American coffees blended for breakfast. The Southern Pecan Pie coffee pod and the Creme Brulee coffee pod are flavored coffees for those who like flavored coffees for after dinner or any other time.

Of course, there are your standard blends as well, Colombian, dark roast, Kona and a breakfast blend for your specific preferences. Melitta coffee pods can be had for around thirty cents a pod. Not a bad price for a very fresh and tasty cup of coffee. So if you’re exploring coffee pods you could do worse than trying out some of the Melitta coffee pod varieties. Sadly, I couldn’t find a variety pack which is too bad. I think all of these coffee pod makers should provide a mixed pack for folks to try. You’d win more coffee lovers over that way. Please take note Melitta coffee pods, offer us a variety pack.