Melitta Coffee Maker

Today’s coffee klatch and chit chat is all about the Melitta coffee maker. There are surprisingly, a few Melitta coffee makers out there on the market. I say surprisingly because Melitta is renowned for their Melitta coffee filters primarily. But hey, when you’re in the coffee business, you might as well get out there and expand your horizons. This is what this German granny has done. And I mean no disrespect when I say that. I say it with the utmost respect actually, because the Melitta company as some of you might know was founded by a German woman.

Melitta Bentz was her name, and if she was alive today she’d be a granny. And I bet she wouldn’t mind me calling her the German coffee granny either. She was the housewife that you and I take for granted with each cup of coffee. She invented the drip brew coffee filter. Before that, we were drinking coffee grounds! Anyway, Melitta Bentz died back in 1950 after running her company for many years.

Melitta became so popular in fact, that they now have a whole bunch of products including:
• Melitta Premium Coffees
• World Harvest Estate Coffees (Organic)
• Melitta Universal Premium Coffee Pods
• Melitta Coffee Filters
• Melitta Tea Filter bags and of course,
• Melitta coffee makers

One might as well get into the full coffee business if you’re going to do it. And they do, from Melitta coffee to the Melitta coffee pot replacement for your Melitta coffee maker as well as other drip brew coffee makers, it seems Melitta is cornering the market quite well.

My history with the Melitta coffee maker

When I first came to appreciate Melitta it was in my dorm years. I’ve loved coffee since I was just two bricks and a ticky high as my grandmother used to say. Well that’s not quite accurate, but I’ve enjoyed coffee since my teen years. Anyway, during my varsity years I began to enjoy good coffee and to ensure I always had it, I had the Melitta Perfect Brew filter cone which accepted the #2 coffee filters. Nowadays you can get it as the Melitta Ready Set Joe filter cone. As a matter of fact I still have one that I carry with me when I travel to make sure that I always have great coffee handy.

An if you only entertain on an infrequent basis, you can get the Melitta 10 cup manual coffee maker which works on exactly the same principle only larger scale. It uses the same type of pot as you might find on your Bunn coffee makers. Practically the only type of coffee maker that I haven’t seen Melitta make is the vacuum coffee maker.

Okay, so we’ve talked about the manual Melitta coffee maker, but how about coffee pods? Can you use your favorite coffee pod to brew a nice cuppa with a Melitta coffee maker? Certainly. The Melitta one cup coffee maker will work for you here. This Melitta One One coffee maker as it is called will make anywhere from 5 ounces all the way up to hungry-man size 14 ounce coffee. And another thing I like about the Melitta coffee pods is that they will fit all coffee pod makers. So if you have a DeLonghi coffee machine or a Jura coffee machine or any other cappuccino machine that uses coffee pods, you’re in luck!

Final thoughts on the Melitta coffee maker

The last type of Melitta coffee maker that I’d like to spend just a brief moment talking about is what many folks call bean to cup coffee machines. This is a coffee maker where you just add the beans and it grinds them to perfection and then brews your coffee too. This way you don’t need a manual coffee grinder or even your fancy KitchenAid coffee grinder. Just having the one machine is kind of handy and takes up less room of course. This Melitta Mill and Brew coffee maker as they call it does the whole thing for you. Plus it has the timer too so you can wake up to freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee. Delizioso!

So there you have it folks, Melitta coffee makers for practically any style of coffee. From a large and trusted brand that has been around since 1908 when Melitta Bentz’s patent was granted. And they’re not high brow either, and I like that. These are just good, solid and inexpensive coffee makers for the rest of us, so give a passing thought to the Melitta coffee maker if you’re in the market.