Are You Considering Marble Coffee Tables?

Marble coffee tables are not that common. And I think I know why. They’re so darn expensive 🙂 But join me today as I explore the marble coffee table in your home whether you have one or not. I hope that joining me today for a brief discussion on marble coffee tables will help decide if such a coffee table is for you. And if you’ve ever thought that a modern marble coffee table is too rich for your blood, you might just be surprised. There are several varieties of marble, the rock that we understand marble to be, and there are some varieties of marble that make for a terrific marble top coffee table at a price that can fit into most budgets.

Why marble coffee tables are becoming popular

Marble is making a strong comeback into the homes of many North Americans and for good reason. Natural products like wood and rock which marble is make a small impact on the environment. And when you’re harvesting the wood sustainably, then there really is nothing like a nice pine coffee table or oak coffee table. And even better still, and what is making inroads lately are the marble coffee tables. The marble coffee table comes in a variety of sizes and styles. You can get a small coffee table with a marble top just as an accent piece. Maybe as an end table as part of your set of coffee tables and end tables.

The marble coffee tables are usually a marble top placed up on a wooden frame and legs. Here the choice is wide open. If you prefer oak or pine or perhaps maple coffee tables, you can find them holding up the heavy face of a marble top. Square coffee tables and rectangular coffee tables are the typical sizes, but the round coffee table is also a fairly common marble coffee table.

Finding those perfect marble coffee tables

Modern coffee tables are also being designed with either a marble top finish or a genuine marble top. These marble coffee tables are often available at boutique home decor stores. I would recommend investigating your home decor stores in your town or the closest major city center for such a business. For example, I Googled “Houston home furnishings” (I’m not in Houston by the way ;)) and found several neat boutique furniture stores that would cater to eclectic as well as high end tastes. The one had a marble coffee table that they called a river rock coffee table and it was absolutely gorgeous in steel grey and black flecks with rubberwood frame and legs. It was pricey, around $1,500 but well worth it.

However, if you’re looking for coffee tables with storage and especially coffee tables for sale then your best bet with finding the marble coffee table you’d love is to check out Amazon. I have always found Amazon to have great discounts on coffee tables and you can save over 50% if you look around for the deals.

Now when it comes to marble coffee tables you want to take care in understanding what it is you’re buying. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed mostly of recrystallized calcite and/or dolomite. Very interesting I know! Unless of course you’re a Geologist in which case you’re thinking how pedestrian my definition. But what’s most importan for us as marble coffee table buyers is to understand that you can get marble coffee tables in both real marble as well as faux marble or a marble like finish. As a general rule of thumb, the cheaper the coffee table the more likely it is to be made of faux marble or a marble like finish.

The example that I’ve used in the image on this page is of a 3 piece coffee table and end table set with marble top finish. Available at Amazon at a great price, be aware that it is a marble finish top, these aren’t genuine marble coffee tables.

If you want genuine marble coffee tables expect to pay more. For around $300 to $400 you can get a single marble coffee table at Amazon like this marble top cocktail table in cherry. These marble coffee tables are heavy. The one I just mentioned will arrive at your home tipping the scale at just over 100 pounds, yikes!

I hope this short coffee klatch chit chat was helpful. As with any purchase really, take your time to investigate your options and do a little bit of research. More than the price, I think it is important to be happy with your coffee table purchase. If you spend $200 on a large coffee table but you aren’t happy with it you’ll just have the hassle of taking it back. But if you spend $2,000 on a lift top coffee table but you love it, then you’ve found yourself a treasure that will provide decades of joy. The same can be said for marble coffee tables.