Magic Cat Brazilian Daterra Estate from Coffee Primero Reviewed

If you are a coffee lover then you should have heard about Kopi Luwak coffee. Many people say that it is the best coffee in the world because of the unique flavor that it has to offer. It owes its special taste to the way that it is produced. Kopi Luwak is made from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive system of a small cat like creature that lives in the jungles of South East Asia.

These small animals like to eat the coffee beans while they are still on the trees. When the animals excrete these beans after they have digested the fleshy part of the fruit, the coffee farmers gather and process them. The digestive juices inside the body of the animal takes away some of the natural bitterness of the coffee bean and adds a unique flavor of its own to the bean that is unlike anything that can be achieved with any other traditional process.

As you can see the process of making Kopi Luwak is quite tedious and is very low tech. That means that the price of this type of coffee is very high. Normally it sells for about $160 per pound, which is very expensive for a pound of coffee and there are some varieties of Kopi Luwak that can fetch a price of $3000 per pound. If people are willing to pay such ridiculously high prices for it then Kopi Luwak must really be something. Unfortunately if it is so expensive not everyone can enjoy and taste just how delicious Kopi Luwak is in its traditional form. Good thing that there are alternatives.

Thanks to the dedicated research of some scientists in the United States, we can now enjoy the great taste of Kopi Luwak at a more affordable price. The Magic Cat Brazilian Daterra Estate from Coffee Primero offers the same flavor of the best tasting coffee in the world at just a fraction of its price. Their Magic Cat line of coffee has been produced using a process that was developed at the University of Florida. The process was aimed at mimicking the way that nature works to produce the original Kopi Luwak. The process is purely chemical and it does not use any animals in any form. The effects however are the same.

Their coffee is a great an appropriate option for folks who are curious about real Kopi Luwak but at the same time are grossed out by the coffee poop beans idea. Not only that, a lot of Kopi Luwak is now farmed so these poor civet cats that produce these coffee beans are caged for most of their lives. It really is now quite cruel. So save money and save the animals by buying Magic Cat’s Kopi Luwak coffees like the Brazilian Daterra Estate from Coffee Primero.

In some ways the artificial process used by Coffee Primero is even better than the natural way of producing Kopi Luwak. While the places that produce the traditional coffee poop coffee are limited to the coffee varieties that can grow in that area, a completely artificial process can work with the best beans from all over the world and that is the very thing that Coffee Primero is doing. They only use the best and highest quality coffee beans. The Magic Cat Brazilian Daterra Estate is just one example of the phenomenal products that Coffee Primero has produced for the coffee drinking public.

You can buy a 16 ounce package of the Magic Cat Brazilian Daterra Estate for about $16 and taste and experience the drink that has been described as the best coffee beverage in the whole world. It’s worth a try. I like it and the civets prefer you drink it too!