Looking for the Best Propane Coffee Maker

When you go out on camping, barbecuing, or any other outdoor activity that takes you far from the conveniences of a regular home, you would still rather have some of the conveniences of a regular home life. If you are a coffee lover, then one of the top things that you would never want to miss wherever you go out is the taste of great coffee. I have to admit that I am that kind of person. There is nothing in the world that could keep me focus like a cup of great tasting coffee. What do I do in order to ensure that I never miss my morning cup even if I am out in the middle of nowhere? That’s simple I bring my trusted propane coffee maker.

If you have never tried a propane coffee maker before, then you must be unaware that it is one of the best ways of getting your coffee when you are not at home. You have to try it out in order to believe the great benefits that you can get out of it. Now, if you are planning on buying your very own propane coffee maker then let me help you out by providing you with a description of two of the best brands that you can get today.

1.Coleman Portable Propane Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe- With a ten cup stainless steel carafe you can make coffee for everybody with this fantastic coffeemaker from Coleman. The company that has been known for making amazing outdoor products have scored high again. You can take it for campings, barbecue, and any other outdoor gatherings. With the Easy InstaStart Matchless lighting you do not have to bring any matches in order to start the product. It takes about 15 minutes to brew a drink and the carafe and the filters were specially designed to make washing and cleaning easy. For only around $70 you could have this coffee maker from Coleman.

2. Brunton Brewfire Propane Coffee Maker- There are some differences with this coffee maker and the one that you use at home. The main one would be the fact that it is not plugged in or powered by electricity. It uses propane or butane making it portable. When it comes to the quality of the beverage that it produces there is not much difference. This product from Brunton is even better in some respects than your home coffee maker. All you need to do with it is pour in the water and add the coffee and flick the switch to light it up. After 10-12 minutes you can have as much as 8 cups of great tasting coffee. It has several features that makes it useful for outdoor use. It is very easy to clean and so you do not have to worry about it when you are using it outdoors. Regular price of Brunton Brewfire Propane Coffee Maker is around $161.00. There are some sites that offer great discounts.

These two brands are the best when it comes to propane powered coffee makers.