Looking for the Best American Coffee Ever

American coffee is a type of brew that is normally made from roasts that range from mild or very dark. The beans can be newly grounded or have been previously ground beans. The beans can be kept in packages that are airtight. Most Americans have developed a taste for adding creamers into their coffee and that is why creamers play an important part in the quality of the best American coffee. Creamers are available in powder or in liquid form. The practice of adding creamers to coffee drinks have also been picked up by some coffee houses today like in the making of lattes.

Here is the proper way of making a great cup of American coffee:

1. Add water into the water tank or reservoir of the coffee machine. Normally the tanks should have indicators matching the number of cups that you want to make.

2. Get a paper filter and place it on the basket for it. Paper filters usually comes in two types the bleached and unbleached.

3. Now comes the important part of the process, the adding of the coffee beans. Add a tablespoon of coffee for every 4 to 8 ounce of water that you have added on the water tank. You can make it a little weaker by adding less coffee.

4. You can then place the container on the heating plate and then set the machine to brew. Allow the brewing process to reach its full end.

5. You can then pour the coffee into your cup. Now comes the part which can give your coffee its distinctive taste. You can add granulated sugar and the creamer. There is no prescribed formula for this. It absolutely depends on your personal preference. If you like it strong then go ahead and make a strong drink by adding lesser creamer and sugar.

Remember that freshly ground coffee beans should work best when it comes to imparting taste and flavor to the drink. When you are grounding the beans make sure that you do not ground it too finely as the particles may mix in with the drink.

American style coffee is actually different from Café Americano, which originated in Europe. During World War Two when millions of American servicemen have been stationed in Europe they were exposed for the first time with the European way of making coffee, mostly espresso. The taste of that kind of coffee was too much for the American drinkers who prefer something weaker like the ones that they got on drip coffee makers at home. What they did was to add water to the espresso that they were being served. This made the drink weaker and closer to the taste of Americans.

The idea for that way of making coffee caught and soon it was being used by people everywhere not just soldiers. There are also variations with the way that Café Americano can be prepared. Soon coffee shops s all over the United States and then the rest of the world followed and they started offering this type of drink for everyone to enjoy.