Lift Top Coffee Table Hinges and Other Table Types

The coffee table is one of the most important piece of furniture that you can get for your home. It can become the centerpiece for any home setting by drawing people around it and becoming a convenient place where people could gather around and discuss stuff. An elegant coffee table could say a lot about its owner. It could mean that the owner has distinctive tastes and style. There are many coffee table types that are available today. One can find a type that would match his taste and needs and afford it at a very reasonable price. Here are the different types of coffee tables that are available:

1. Glass Coffee Tables- These can be a very elegant addition to your home setting. They have a modern touch that will be an asset to any home.The problem with glass coffee tables is that they are very delicate and fragile. It might not be a good idea to use them if you have small children running around your house. Glass coffee tables are also a little more expensive than other types. You also need to make sure that it is always clean as dirt and dust accumulating over its surface can be easily be noticed.

2. Oak Coffee Table- These tables can have a very traditional and classical look. Because of this you have to bear in mind the kind of pieces that you have before you go and get an oak coffee table. Make sure that it will go well with the other pieces otherwise it will stick out like a sore thumb. The great thing about oak tables is that they can be very affordable. You can get a good oak table for less than a hundred dollars and another advantage is that you need not worry about it as with a glass table since it is not as delicate.

3. Lift Top Coffee Table- This type is dual purpose furniture. It looks like a regular furniture but its top can be raised to reveal a storage space inside. That can be done with the use of lift top coffee table hinges. This kind of table is perfect for those with limited spaces in their homes as it can serve to maximize the space used for a table.

4. Round Coffee Tables- This kind of table goes well in children’s rooms since it would stand out in a brightly colored room. Another reason why it would work well in a room like that is because it has no sharp edges were children may bump into and hurt themselves. These. tables have that cute and toy like appearance that would appeal especially to children,

The choice of the coffee table that you would be using should be dependent on the kind of pieces that already have and the size of the room where it will be placed. Large coffee tables would work well with huge rooms to give it a sense of proportion. Choose your coffee table wisely and it will all pay off for you.