Lift Top Coffee Table

The lift top coffee table is quickly becoming one of the more popular designs for coffee tables in contemporary homes. In this article we’ll talk about lift top coffee tables and why you might want to consider one for your home. Especially if you are looking for a new coffee table or if you are moving into a new and larger home. Heck, a lift top coffee table can actually be suitable for a small apartment too as it can serve dual purposes.

As with all manner of other types of coffee tables and tables in general, you can find an oak lift top coffee table, cherry lift top coffee table and all other manner of hardwoods and softwoods in different colors that you might like for your lift coffee table. A quick search will return to you any number of colors and materials for your coffee table that will work well within your current decor. And if you are doing a complete remodel, then you don’t need to spend much time thinking about the lift top coffee table as much as you do about the general design and style of decor you want. You will easily be able to find a lift top coffee table that will be suitable from rustic, ranch style design to the more minimalist contemporary design as well as everything in between. This will make you job a lot easier. Design first, and function will fit in later!

Other names for the lift top coffee table

A lift up coffee table is sometimes called a lift top cocktail table, but the two are usually a bit different. Traditionally, a cocktail table is usually a bit smaller in dimension than a coffee table, however, nowadays that is becoming less and less important as the consumer is starting to use furniture and tables as they see fit without being encumbered by classical usability definitions. So when I use lift top cocktail table you can assume for this purpose that I am talking about a modern lift top coffee table.

Now usually, a lift top coffee table is considered a coffee table that has the top horizontal “shelf” if you will attached to arms or brackets or even pistons so that it can move up and down independently of the base of the table, these use a coffee table lift top mechanism on two sides of the table “shelf”. You can see this in many photos of these modern lift coffee tables. This allows for the coffee table to serve a variety of purposes, depending upon the strength of the supports or braces, the table can be used for games, dinner and any number of other imaginative options.

Most lift top coffee tables, like most rectangle coffee tables will be around the dimensions of 20 inches high x 20 inches deep by around 40 to 50 inches long.

Understanding the lift top coffee table mechanism

So when you’re thinking of a coffee table that has a lift up top, it is the top that lifts on a mechanical mechanism in the horizontal plane to add height to the table top. Sometimes the table top can move to varying degrees in the vertical plane so that you can bring the table top closer to you without having to move the table base, though this is usually more rare. More rare, from my experience is the lift top coffee table that opens up away from you in a V, like a chest, holding inside valuable storage space. This kind of coffee table that opens to storage area should be more common, because who couldn’t use the extra storage space. I mean, I find it weird that these kind of lift open coffee tables aren’t more common!

Some lift top coffee tables will have small storage areas below the lift top and most will have either a bottom shelf for magazines or books or they will have drawers. Most lift top coffee tables are heavy because the best ones are made from solid wood. The lift top mechanism doesn’t add that much weight to it. And surprisingly, you won’t be paying a lot more for a lift top coffee table than you would for a regular coffee table. From what I’ve seen, and depending on the design house and sales, a decent wood lift top coffee table can be had from a few hundred bucks into the thousands. The choices and variety of materials available is astounding and I’m pretty certain that despite the most discerning tastes, you will find a lift top coffee table that you like.