Lavazza Coffee Pods

Lavazza coffee pods, Italian coffee in your home wherever you might be. Lavazza as some of you might or might not know, is a large Italian company that produces a variety of coffee products. They have revenue of over 1 billion dollars annually and they’re one of the biggest and best Italian coffee manufacturers, with a storied history that goes back over one hundred years. According to Lavazza, they pride themselves as “Italy’s Favorite Coffee” with over 80% of Italian families choosing Lavazza coffee for their homes. Lavazza also operates Lavazza coffee shops in Italy, similar to Starbucks here in North America. They also recently bought out an Indian coffee concern, giving them excellent exposure into the Indian coffee market.

All about Lavazza coffee pods

That’s all well and good, but that has nothing to do with Lavazza coffee pods. You’re right, but I like to give a bit of background on a company before we drill down into their specific product offerings. I’ve written about coffee pods, the coffee pod and espresso pods elsewhere, so I won’t bore you with details here. I will just say in case you are unfamiliar with coffee pods or coffee pads as they are called in Europe, that they are like thick and tightly compressed tea bags that are used in cappuccino machines or in single serve coffee makers like the Keurig coffee pods for the Keurig K cup brewer and the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods for the Senseo pod coffee maker.

Lavazza coffee pods are ESE coffee pods which means that they are manufactured to fit most espresso machines like some models of the Jura Capresso. If you think that using espresso coffee pods to make an espresso cappuccino is kind of cheating you might be right, however, the taste of coffee made from Lavazza coffee pods is pretty bang on to the real thing. The crema is right there and the flavor is robust. Now not all espresso machine pods offer this full flavor profile like you get with Lavazza coffee pods, and this is one of the reasons that Lavazza is such a preeminent coffee manufacturer. They take the time to prepare quality over quantity.

Your choices for enjoying Lavazza coffee pods

Lavazza espresso pads, also called cialde Lavazza are available in a variety of options. And if you can’t find the one you want, you can always buy the whole bean coffee, grind the coffee beans yourself and then make Lavazza coffee pods out of them with a coffee pod maker.

Lavazza Blue espresso capsules for example are a close cousin of the Keurig K cups or Keurig coffee pods. However, these capsules will only fit into the Lavazza Blue machines. This kind of bugs me, seems everyone is trying to corner the market on coffee pods by making them specific to their machines. If you’re going to buy a single serve coffee pod brewer you’d do well to stick with the Senseo coffee maker or the Keurig coffee maker. They have the greatest options and varieties of coffee pods available.

If you like the Lavazza Blue espresso or the Lavazza Rossa whole bean coffee, I’d buy the whole beans and then grind them myself for use in my Gaggia Syncrony Logic or grind the beans and make Lavazza coffee pods out of them and then use them in my semi automatic espresso machines that way.

There are a ton of options to enjoying Lavazza coffee pods, including versions of their decaf espresso pods, that you don’t have to go out there and buy a separate Lavazza Blue coffee machine just to enjoy their coffee. Besides which, isn’t it more environmentally responsible to use wholesale coffee beans or whole coffee beans from Lavazza in order to maker your very own Lavazza coffee pods?