The Sizes and Types of Large Coffee Tables

The large coffee table. In America large it seems would be in charge. We’ve seen it in Hummers, McMansions and dare I say the size of the population is getting larger every month, both in the waistband and in the numbers. This is not a judgement, I’m just suggesting that America, being the most prosperous nation as I write this is engaging in the excesses that that prosperity brings. Now I’m from the small is beautiful and less is more school, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t legitimate needs for things that are large. And I’ll agree with you that a large coffee table is one of the things that could be needed depending on your circumstances.

Bigger cars and bigger waists are perhaps not most conducive to a thoughtful and contended life, but that is not what this post is about. Today we’ll talk about large coffee tables. But before we do that, we have to ask ourselves what exactly is a big square coffee table? and how wide is the average coffee table? And of course the corollary of that is what is a small coffee table? To know these things, we have to determine what an average sized coffee table is. I did a bit of hunting around and measuring and this is what I came up.

What size is a large coffee table?

For your normal rectangle coffee table the average coffee table dimensions seem to be around 38″ to 44″ width x 18″ to 28″ depth x 18″ height. Now as we know there is no “standard” size coffee table so these numbers are just guidelines if you will, but I think they will serve our purpose in figuring out what a large coffee table is. For an average sized square coffee table the sizes are around 36″ to 38″ square x 18″ height. So these numbers should give us a ballpark from which to explore. So if after reading these measurements you realize that those sizes will be the perfect size for a coffee table then you need an average coffee table and not a large coffee table.

If you need a wooden coffee table or a big coffee table size of 46″ or more in width then I’d suggest you’ll be looking for an oversized square coffee table. Same with the square coffee table. If you are looking for something that is 40″ or more square then you’re looking for a large square coffee table. I hope this is a helpful rule of thumb.

Your next question now that you know what size of coffee table you need that you might ask, is what types of large coffee tables are available and is there the perfect large square coffee table. The good news is that manufacturers are offering pretty much any size and type of coffee table that you could imagine as a large coffee table. You can find an antique coffee table in a large size that has a faux antique finish, or if you are particularly patient you could find a real large antique coffee table made decades ago. Oftentimes these will be found as a mahogany coffee table although a pine coffee table or even an oak coffee table can be found as antiques too. As for the perfect huge square coffee table, that is going to depend on your taste. My best advice is to spend some time looking at stores both online and offline at different extra large square coffee tables. Remember that a coffee table or desk is a member of the family and needs to fit in with the rest of the members. That is, you need to keep decor and the style of your home in mind above all else.

The types of large coffee table available

If you are more interested in a contemporary coffee table or modern coffee tables generally, you’ll find that oak coffee tables are being designed in a modern style and are often painted and turned into a white coffee table. Though as I’ve mentioned before, a large white coffee table is something that needs consideration and care to the overall decor and feel of your home. Not everyone can pull this off. The Noguchi coffee table comes as a large coffee table nowadays and in fact the glass top coffee table is something that is always easily placed within a contemporary home. Glass just seems to blend well in the modern, clean lines of today’s designers.

In fact, the oval coffee table like the Noguchi coffee table spoken of earlier is a great modern design that is easy on the eyes. Adding a splash of color and shape in the form of a bowl of chocolate covered coffee beans on the table is very eye catching. The only problem is, that the guests might plow through them too quickly!

Other options for your choice of large coffee table would be a marble coffee table or even modern day trunk coffee tables. I really love these designs as they have valuable storage space inside that you can just throw your junk into as your guests won’t see the contents. This large coffee table is a terrific space saver for apartment dwellers or even those of us who have collected too much stuff over the years 🙂

Lift top coffee tables I have not seen in the large coffee table size, I think primarily because the braces and brackets for the lift top coffee table would be too large and heavy the bigger the size of the table. I have also not seen round coffee tables getting too large, as they’d just take up a ton of space and they become awkward the bigger they get and demand to be the center of attention. So my parting advice for you in looking for a large coffee table is stick to the rectangular or square shape of coffee tables and you’ll be quite happy with the large coffee table you end up with.