KitchenAid Coffee Maker

Practically every home has a coffee maker in the kitchen. Many a home will have a KitchenAid coffee maker from which they brew their daily coffee. Today we’ll talk about KitchenAid coffee makers and why so many folks are choosing them as their coffee maker of choice. As usual we’ll also offer up a little bit of history about the company as we usually do, just to give you additional insight and information. I’ve found this helpful whenever I’ve tried to make a purchasing decision whether about a coffee product or some other product.

So let’s get started with the company first. KitchenAid was started in 1919 by the Hobart Corporation. Hobart is a large company that still focuses on producing commercial appliances for restaurants and other food service industry companies. KitchenAid was started in order to offer Hobart’s commercial customers a countertop version of their commercial mixers. And even today, KitchenAid is almost synonymous with mixers in general. Obviously, since those early days, KitchenAid has branched out to offer a variety of kitchen appliances including a thermal coffee maker, and it is the KitchenAid coffee makers which we’ll talk about today.

The complete history of the KitchenAid Coffee Maker

In 1986, Whirlpool Corporation bought KitchenAid from Hobart and it is now Whirlpool’s premiere brand that they have to offer customers which competes with the Cuisinart coffee maker and other brands like the GE coffee maker and Bosch coffee maker too.

The KitchenAid coffee maker is your standard electric drip coffee maker design. I have not seen KitchenAid as of yet offer a vacuum coffee maker or a cappuccino machine. They also have not entered into the bean to cup coffee maker or coffee pod machine sub niches from what I have been able to tell.

Nevertheless, sometimes diversifying is not the best approach for a company. And besides, KitchenAid is such a large company offering such a huge suite of products that they are probably focused on their core categories and note the sub categories like commercial espresso machines or even as mentioned before the consumer espresso machines. But what they do offer are very nice coffee makers if you’re looking for just something easy that brews a great cup of coffee.

One of the more popular of the KitchenAid coffee makers is their red coffee maker called the KitchenAid JavaStudio 14 cup coffee maker. This is a programmable coffee maker that makes 14 cups. However, I always thought that a cup was 8 ounces (236 ml), but maybe that’s just a weird European method of measuring volume, because KitchenAid, and in all fairness most other coffee machine manufacturers have different ideas of how much a cup contains. They figure that we drink a coffee cup containing about 4.5 ounces (133 ml). Yeah right, maybe if you’re Italian and enjoying your first doppio espresso of the day, but seriously. Maybe it’s just me, but this kind of bugs me. A cup is a cup is 8 ounces. And even that is small. When I’m enjoying a cup of coffee I’m usually drinking out of a 12 to 16 ounce mug. So the least they can do is give honest representation of how many “real” cups their coffee carafe holds.

Other features of the KitchenAid Coffee Maker

Okay, rant over. What else is offered in this machine? Well it’s offered in more than red, you can get it in silver and also black. Included with this KitchenAid coffee maker is a scoop, water filter, gold coffee filter and a few paper filters. I like that. You buy your coffee machine and you get home and want to have a cup of coffee but realize that they coffee machine doesn’t include any filters so you have to go out and buy some. This is a nice touch to offer coffee filters, and a permanent one too.

I like the design of this coffee maker as well. Kind of boxy but well put together, it has a snug look to it. So if you’re looking for a coffee maker you could do worse than consider the KitchenAid brand. However, I can’t give a strong thumbs up or a strong thumbs down. When it comes to drip coffee makers, they’re pretty similar nowadays. Most of us will choose based upon budget, design and colors, and that’s about as good as we can hope for. And the KitchenAid coffee maker will likely fit most of us in those areas.