The Keurig Coffee Makers Reviewed

If you’re looking for Keurig coffee makers reviews then welcome friend, this is exactly what I aim this post to be about. The Keurig coffee maker is a coffee machine that takes coffee pods that they call Keurig K cups. These make wonderful and delicious K cup coffee from a variety of brand names such as the very popular Green Mountain K cups, which incidentally you can get as Green Mountain whole bean coffee as well. I’ve also written a short how-to article on how to reuse the K cup so that you can not only save yourself some money but also reuse the Keurig coffee pods so that you can enjoy any type of coffee in your Keurig coffee machine.

But this is a review on Keurig coffee makers so let’s get down to the brass tacks of finding out what the best Keurig coffee maker is for you. But before we get there, you can find the Keurig coffee makers best price by heading over to Amazon by clicking here. Amazon always seems to have Keurig coffee makers on sale, so head on over there for discounts of up to 45% off retail.

A brief interlude, Tassimo vs Keurig coffee makers

I aslo briefly want to give you my review on Tassimo coffee maker and give you my thoughts on Tassimo vs Keurig coffee makers. In my mind there really is only one choice. As I write this (and things could change and evolve as time goes by), the Keurig single serve coffee maker is hands down better than the Tassimo coffee machine. When you look at them head to head, Tassimo vs Keurig you’ll see why. Here is the main reason why I believe that Keurig should be your first choice in single cup coffee machines. Currently, there are a lot more Keurig K cups and choices of flavors available for the Keurig single serve brewer than there are for the Tassiom T disc. Now having said that, Tassimo is up and coming so perhaps in the near future I’ll give you a full review and side by side comparison. It appears that Tassimo is up and coming and gaining fast. They’re reaching out to more coffee manufacturers to offer more variety in their T discs, so keep this page bookmarked. But at the moment I put Keurig ahead.

Okay, enough said about Tassimo, let’s get down to a Keurig coffee maker review. I’m going to give you my top 2 choices in Keuirg coffee makers and they’re both by Keurig. You can find a Breville coffee maker for the Keurig K cups and you can also find the Cuisinart coffee maker (not to be mistaken for the Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker) offering K cup compatibility. But both the Breville and the Cuisinart from what I can tell don’t offer any more features than the Keurig coffee makers and they’re quite a bit more expensive so that’s why they haven’t made it on this list.

The best Keurig coffee makers

First up as you can see to your left is the Keurig B70 or Keurig Platinum coffee maker. To take a closer look or to buy it at Amazon click here. This is my top choice for a couple of reasons. It is only $40 or $50 more than the next model down and you get some extra benefits and features which I think you’ll quite enjoy. As with other Keurig brewers you get your choice of over 200 K cup options, flavors, roasts as well as hot chocolate K cups and tea K cups. This particular model also allows you to pour regular hot water for other uses like tea or cocoa from packets or cans. It has a very pleasing blue backlit LED display with one touch operation. You can brew hot or extra hot depending on your preference. 187 Fahrenheit or 192 (86 Celsius or 89). You have your choice of 5 cup setting from the iced beverage 3.25 ounces (96 ml) to the large mug size of 11.25 ounces (333 ml), which is my preferred size 😉 This Keurig premium coffee maker also offers a large 60 ounce (1.78 liter) water reservoir so you can brew for the whole family before having to add water.

My second best Keurig coffee maker is the Keurig B60 or Keurig Special Edition coffee maker. To buy or for a closer look click here. This shares many of the same features as the Keurig B70 single cup home brewing system including auto shutoff, 24 hour digital clock and programmable timer. It too has the pleasing blue backlit display with one touch functionality. But here is where the Keurig Special Edition single cup home brewing system differs from the Keurig Platinum single cup home brewing system. This Keurig only has a 48 ounce (1.4 liter) water reservoir. Still ample, but a bit smaller than its bigger brother. This Keurig Special Edition also only allows for your choice of 3 cup size settings. The smallest being 5.25 ounces (155 ml) to the largest which they call a travel mug size (tongue in cheek I’m sure ;)) of 9.25 ounces (274 ml). Personally I think the Keurig Platinum is worth the extra money because quite frankly, I can’t remember the last time I drank a cup of coffee that was as small as 9 ounces.

There you have it my friends. The Keurig coffee makers reviewed for you. Or perhaps I should say the Keurig coffee makers exposed! Either one would be a compliment to any home kitchen, and you know which one I choose. So what’s your choice?