K Cup Hot Chocolate

Folks, today we are going to move away from the comfort zone of our coffee beverage and into the dream sweetness of K cup hot chocolate. I don’t want to hear any Bah Humbugs from anybody. It’s always good to try new and different things. And I’d wager a good buck or two that many of you are fans of chocolate. Perhaps even dark chocolate. Doesn’t really matter, because coffee and chocolate as I think I’ve made mention of the elsewhere, go together like cookies and milk, or brandy and cigars. Or maybe I’m getting carried away, but you get the picture.

K cups hot chocolate as many of you might imagine are meant for the Keurig K cup coffee machine. I know that many of my dear readers own the Keurig coffee maker and you love it. I’m a big fan of it too, the Keurig and also the Senseo coffee maker which takes coffee pods that are more available in the market, because Senseo couldn’t get their patent for the coffee pod to stick. Lucky us. However, the K cup coffee maker has aligned itself with a bunch of different companies who now make Keurig coffee pods in a whole bunch of flavors. So lucky you too, if you own the Keurig coffee brewer.

Branching out with your K cup hot chocolate

Now most of us use these single serve coffee machines for the Keurig coffee K cups which is what the machine was originally designed for. But I’ve gotta tell ya, the white hot chocolate mix is to die for as is their hot chocolate K cups generally. So let’s take a moment to discover some of these mouth watering hot chocolate flavors.

One of the more popular choices amongst the single cup coffee maker connoisseurs is the dark chocolate hot cocoa by cafe escapes. This is no surprise to me, as I’ve mentioned before, hot cocoa and coffee are ever the best of friends. This particular K cup hot chocolate flavor has a smooth taste, great chocolaty aroma and a thick, creamy rich and full body.

Green Mountain coffee hot cocoa K cups are another very popular choice. Green mountain has a huge following from Keurig coffee drinkers, and for good reason. They make good coffee, end of story. The hot cocoa K cup from Green Mountain are available in dark chocolate, regular hot chocolate and cafe escapes milk chocolate hot cocoa if that is your preference. This white hot chocolate mix is delicious.

For those of you who want to enjoy a K cup hot chocolate without actually owning a Keurig, you are in luck. Keurig has partnered with Ghirardelli to create a premium hot chocolate to be used with the Keurig single cup coffee maker. However, these Ghirardelli premium double chocolate hot cocoa packets and not K cups. So as much as they have been “made” for Keurig, nothing says you can’t enjoy these at home with just a simple kettle of boiled water. Give it a try.

More choices in the K cup hot chocolate

And if you are looking for specific K cups of hot chocolate for your coffee machine, then check out Gloria Jean’s Coffees K cups which are available in a bunch of flavors such as Butter Toffee and Swiss Chocolate Almond. My mouth is watering just thinking of these sumptuous flavors.

So go for it dear coffee lover. Step over to the dark side and try some K cup hot chocolate. I bet you’ll like it. Now don’t forget about us coffee lovers, I’m fearful that you’ll start enjoying these easy hot chocolate cups way too much and forget about your old friend coffee ;O) Remember, K cup hot chocolate in moderation and coffee with abandon!