K Cup Filter

The K cup filter. You’ve bought your Keurig K cup coffee machine and you love it. However, you’ve grown a little bit disinterested in the coffee flavors available to you. You’ve tried them all and you’ve found a few that you like but you’re getting bored of the same flavor coffee that you keep drinking from your Keurig coffee maker. Well, K cup filter to the rescue.

Or perhaps you love your Keurig single serve coffee machine but you got a really nice pound of very expensive and very rare coffee from a friend and you want to be able to enjoy it. But you don’t want to have to buy a new coffee machine just to try this coffee and not hurt your friend’s feelings. Again, K cup filters to the rescue.

Getting to the K cup filter

You’ve heard me talk about the Keurig single cup coffee makers and how wonderful and convenient they are as well as being able to offer you a wide variety of premium coffees from their Keurig coffee pods as well as Timothy’s K cups. However, as you know these aren’t your standard coffee pods, but a proprietary coffee pod that is only offered by a few manufacturers. Even though the variety and choices are vast including non-coffee beverages like the K cup ┬áhot chocolate and teas, you are still forced to buy these specific types of espresso pods or K cups as they are colloquial called.

Not anymore. Now you can use your coffee maker one cup to brew any type of coffee you want from any coffee bean roaster and at any coffee fineness grind that you’d prefer. How is this done you might be asking? Well, with my K cup filter you can now use your K brewer to not only brew K cup coffees but any types of coffees you desire.

How the K cup filter works

Just as with the Senseo coffee maker where you can make your own Senseo coffee pods to fit your Senseo coffee machine, you can now do basically the same thing with your Keurig single cup coffee brewers. All you need are a couple of additional items that you can purchase for less than thirty to fifty bucks at most coffee supplies stores and online vendors and you’re on your way with a K cup filter.

There are 3 major ways of enjoying any coffee with your Keurig coffee brewer. I’ll put these in order of my least preferred to my most preferred method and you can decide for yourself to see which one(s) you’d like to use for your own coffee machine.

The first K cup filter is from ARM enterprises. For this method you need to buy Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Filter Papers for around $5 for 50 coffee filter papers. You’ll also need the EZ-Cup by Perfect Pod for Keurig Coffee Machines. This you can buy for around ten to fifteen dollars. Basically what you do is fill your own ground coffee into the paper coffee filter which you’ve already placed inside the EZ-Cup. You close the lid and voila, you’re ready to brew your own coffee in your Keurig K cup filter. The reason this method is my least favorite is because you use disposable paper filters and I think that’s a bit wasteful.

My second favorite K cup filter method is from Keurig themselves. For around $15 or so you buy the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee filter which includes the plastic housing for the reusable mesh coffee filter that you put the coffee into. I like this one more than the previous ARM example because it uses an environmentally reusable coffee filter. However, with both this system and the one before, there is the chance of the occasional leakage of coffee over the sides and you can end up with the odd bit of coffee grounds in your coffee. Not often but enough times that it’s a bit annoying.

So this leads me to my favorite K cup filter system, which I also think is the most environmentally too. This system is the Kaps for K-Cups by My-Kaps. An ingenious and simple system where for around $15 you get a brush and opening tool as well as 3 differently colored Kaps or lids for the K cups. All you do, is use the brush to clean out the K cup that you’ve already bought and used and then you add your own coffee back into this K cup, pop on a lid and voila, you’re ready to brew again. I love this because you’re reusing your K cups that you’ve bought from Green Mountain or Timothy’s or wherever.

I’ve personally used a K cup 13 times before I recycled and I can usually count on getting at least a half dozen uses out of each K cup I reuse. Plus, because it is reusing the original K cup, it fits like a glove inside the machine as is, so no muss no fuss. This is the K cup filter I’d encourage you to try first. Start saving those used K cups. You’ll love K-Caps as your K cup filter of choice, and if you don’t, they give you a 30 day money back guarantee.

Though now, I’ve also begun to enjoy the Solofill K cup filter as can be seen at the top of this page in the image (the red one) and the Swissgold K cup filter is also pretty good too. This one is shown just above. My best suggestion is to head on over to Amazon and just browse around and see which kind of K cup filter you’d like to try.