The Wide World Of K Cup Coffee

Today I want to take you on an around the world trip with K cup coffee. If you’ve never tried K cup coffee or coffee from coffee pods before I’m certain you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. If you are fully versed with Keurig coffee pods and their single serve coffee machine then I hope that I might be able to give you some additional ideas to try. The K cup coffee maker for those who don’t know is a single cup coffee maker that brews fresh coffee in single batches using K cup coffee pods or as they are traditionally known, Keurig K cups. The K I imagine is for Keurig and they are called cups because that is exactly what they look like. As you can see in the image to the left and below.

The Keurig coffee maker is available in a variety of options. The Keurig brand itself offers a few options for single serve coffee brewing. There is the very popular and top of the line Keurig Platinum Brewing System also known as the Keurig B70. You can take a look at it in greater detail by clicking here. The other popular choice for folks seeking the Keurig brewing system for their K cup coffee is the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System or Keurig B60. Again, you can see further details about this K cup coffee machine here.

These are both a great one cup coffee maker and you’ll likely be happy with either. They both include the following features: programmable, removable and easy to fill water reservoir, quiet brew technology, removable drip tray, multi size cup choices and auto off. The differences between them are these. The Keurig Platinum coffee maker offers 5 cup sizes to choose from instead of 3 and it also has a bigger water reservoir. A 60 ounce water reservoir instead of the 48 ounce water reservoir that is found in the Keurig Special Edition.

You can also choose amongst other brand who make the K cup coffee maker. There is the Breville coffee maker as well as the Cuisinart coffee maker that both make versions to use the K cups. The Cuisinart K cup coffee maker and the Breville coffee machine are both more expensive than the top of the line Keurig Platinum K cup coffee maker, and frankly I’m not sure what the extra value is. I’d stick with the 2 Keurig versions mentioned earlier.

Now to enjoy a good K cup coffee you will of course need some K cups to enjoy as your single cup coffee. Here again, Keurig has partnered with some of the finest coffee manufacturers to offer some of the best coffee around. One of the most popular choices in the Keurig K cup line up has to be the Green Mountain coffee pods or Green Mountain K cups. The Green Mountain Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry K cup is one of the must trys. There are of course other manufacturers out there including Tully’s Coffee, Newman’s Own Organics, Caribou Coffee and Timothy’s K cups. And if you don’t fancy coffee, most of the afrorementioned companies offer iced tea K cup as well as brewed tea K cups, hot chocolate K cups and other non-coffee beverages. The K cup hot chocolate is a terrific choice as we get into the Holiday Season and Green Mountain offers both dark, milk and white hot chocolate K cups for complete sweet tooth domination 🙂

If there is one drawback that I have heard a few times about the K cup coffee set up is that some of the K cups can seem weak if you are used to stronger coffee and darker roasts, especially if you enjoy French press coffee. However, that can be overcome by reusing the K cup filter by using some sort of coffee pod maker that allows you to reuse each K cup filter several times and fill it with your choice of coffee. Now that is a great idea. To see the one I recommend, please click here. These Kaps for K Cups are a simple, elegant and inexpensive choice for enjoying any coffee you want with your K cup coffee machine. I hope you’ve found this discussion useful. To look at some of your options in K cup coffee, click here to head on over to Amazon to peruse their large line up of Keurig coffee K cups.