Jura Coffee Machine – Slim Design, Full Taste

The Jura coffee machine is a high end espresso machine made in Switzerland by Jura Elektroapparate. This company was founded in the early 1930s and they have partnered with Capresso which is a privately held American company. In 2003, Capresso partnered with Jura to offer the Jura Capresso automatic one button coffee makers. Though in Europe, Jura distributes their automatic espresso machines by themselves and in the English speaking world and other Asian countries, they have partnered up, as with Capresso in North America.

As mentioned, the Jura coffee machine is a high end cappuccino machine and you’d be looking at spending around a grand and up to buy one of their machines. This is part of the companies business philosophy, they are not interested in offering low end machines. After all, they have to pay Roger Federer for his support as their brand ambassador. I joke a bit when I say that. Who knows how much Federer is getting paid to advocate for their espresso machines, but he is their brand ambassador but that is not why they only offer high end cappuccino machines. The Jura coffee machines are still made in Switzerland as of this writing, in Romanshorn. And of course, as you know, I am a huge fan of coffee machines and coffee makers made in the first world. Not only because the quality is oftentimes better and more reliable, but I like knowing that I’m supporting jobs at home. That’s a political argument which I won’t get into on my coffee blog.

A bunch of choices from the Jura Coffee Machine line up

The Jura coffee maker is just one of several Jura coffee makers. The Jura espresso machines come in 3 popular lines. Their is the Jura Impressa line of which there are 5 subdivisions. The Jura ENA line, ENA being the Greek word for one. And lastly the Jura SUBITO. They make others, but these 3 are the most popular and are the ones I want to talk about briefly.

The Jura coffee machine is truly touch and go as it should be at that price range. Of course with this Swiss style and manufacturing come some very nice additional touches that you won’t find on other machines. For example, the Jura f9 offers internet connectivity so you can download different recipes and aromas available for your machine. You also get cup illumination so that you can watch and enjoy your espresso being poured and that beautiful crema develop before your eyes.

The Jura Impressa J5 has these additional features. You get a width adjustable spout so you can pour your espresso into 2 wide mouth cups or one espresso shot glass. This feature also helps prevent coffee splashes too. You can also avail yourself of the hot water spout for three different hot water temperature settings for your preferred flavor profile for the different teas you might want to enjoy.

The quality of the Jura Coffee Machine

The Jura Impressa Z5, one of the top of the line machines offers you the ability to make 2 different types of espresso beverages at the same time with just a touch of one button. So you prefer a macchiato and your wife prefers a cappuccino. Voila, there you have both at the same time. There is also the proprietary energy saver system on the Jura z5 that allows you to control the energy saving features while at the same time still enjoying your coffee the way you like it.

Lastly, I’ll just touch on the Jura Impressa S9 offers you the ability to have either cappuccino or macchiato at the touch of just one button. It also uses active bean monitoring so you’ll never run out of coffee in the grinder. You’ll also get cafe a la carte on the Jura s9 which allows you to choose a huge number of different coffee beverages easily with the touch screen interface.

The Jura coffee machine is really a very elegant and high quality functioning espresso maker that would do any home kitchen proud. Some of the many features available on all of the Jura coffee machines includes variable brewing whereby you can choose the amount of beans from 5 grams to 16 grams. The coffee grind fineness is also always perfectly controlled by the multi-level conical grinder. All of the Jura coffee machines also include integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programming.

The above are just some of the many standard features that are available on each Jura coffee machine. I’ve mentioned some of the additional features that are available on some of the specific Jura coffee machines. Frankly, the more I read about the Jura brand, the more I’m inclined to buy one for myself when I have the space in my kitchen.

So if you have the money and are looking for a high end espresso maker, then the Jura coffee machine should be on your short list. That’s just my humble opinion and is not endorsed by the Jura coffee machine company!