Is Coffee Creamer Fattening? What’s A Good Substitute?

Many people prefer to have some form of creamer on their coffee. It adds flavour to the drink and it masks some of the harshness that it has at the same time. This is the reason why creamers are seen to be very important in the coffee drinking routine of most people. The coffee creamers of today are mostly made from non-dairy substances which were developed with the intention to stay away from dairy products which might be fattening. The problem is that research is showing that the non-dairy creamers that we are using are just as bad as the original cream used on coffee.

Is Coffee Creamer Fattening?- While coffee creamers are very convenient products and can make your coffee taste better, research has shown that most of these products can contain more than a gram of trans fatty acid. That substance is a culprit for raising the level of bad cholesterol in the body. The content of most coffee creamers really is not that encouraging but using a teaspoon at a time should not be a concern if you are worried that it might make you fat. However, if you are the kind of person who really likes to watch over the things that you eat then I should say that yes, coffee creamers do have the potential to make you fat because of their ingredients.

Substitutes- If you feel that coffee creamers are really not going to work well with your aim of losing weight or preventing weight gain then there are plenty of alternatives that you can use when it comes to enhancing the flavour and the taste of your coffee. Here are some of the best ideas that we have come across:

Milk- You can use low-fat milk or reduced-fat milk as an additive to your coffee. If you really want to go healthy then skim milk should be your top choice. At 5 calories per tablespoon you are not going to gain too much with it. Some forms of milk powder and even evaporated milk are also great options.

Soy- There are several soy products that are available in the market right now which can serve as a good substitute for creamer in your coffee. You can even use good old soy milk which is very low on calories.

Coconuts Products– One of the latest substitute for coffee creamers are products that are made from coconuts. These products are renowned for their health and nutritive values. You can get coconut milk powder or canned coconut milk. Make sure that you choose the unsweetened products so you can get the most out of them.

Another thing that you can try is to drink coffee without any form of creamer that is going to alter its taste. Creamers are bound to alter the taste and the flavour of the drink and once you add it on your coffee you are not enjoying the drink in its pure form. Just try it once and you might learn to like the taste of coffee in its purest form.