Is Caffeine Polar and Other Caffeine Properties

Caffeine is the main ingredient in coffee. It is the substance that gives it the unique properties that makes it so valuable. It is considered to be a stimulant and is used as drug for that purpose. It can be found in different quantities in several plant types where it can be found in the fruit, the seed and the leaves of plants. It naturally occurs in some plants to act as a natural pesticide that fights off the insects that might feed of a plant.

In humans caffeine can act as a very powerful stimulant for the central nervous system that can fight off the effects of drowsiness at least for a temporary period. In fact it is considered by most to be the most consumed psychoactive drug in the whole world today. So even though we don’t think too much about drinking a lot of coffee the caffeine contained in it is actually thought by many as a form of drug. Although considered that way it remains unregulated in the countries where it is normally traded.

Drinks that contain caffeine in form or another are the most popular drinks all over the world. That would include coffee, tea, soft drinks and even energy drinks. In fact in North America which includes the United States over 90% of adults consume caffeine in some form. That’s how common this drink is.

Studies have proven that caffeine can be deadly when used in very large doses but ordinary consumption should be okay although there has been attempts in the past to connect it with heart problems and other similar health issues. The biggest threat that has been confirmed are to pregnant women although it was not suggested that they should stop drinking coffee but only limit it to two cups per day.

Caffeine has a diuretic effect although a tolerance to this effect has been known to be developed by long time users and drinkers of the drink. The biggest problem that researchers have seen in connection with caffeine is that if the use is prolonged enough and that the amount is large, a dependence on caffeine can be developed in the long run.

Is caffeine polar? There are some people who have been wondering about that. Since in its pure form it occurs as a crystal there are those who are wondering about the state of its molecules. If it is not polar then it would not have been possible to dissolve it in water. In fact caffeine can be dissolve in almost any liquid. Although there are those who argue that it is both. These people cite the fact that caffeine’s ability to dissolve on oils as proof that it is non-polar.

While caffeine is without doubt a very beneficial substance and its potential should be further explored there is also little doubt that its use in excess can be very harmful and so should be avoided at all costs. Drink caffeine but still safe and healthy for your own sake.