Huge Coffee Tables

There’s something about huge coffee tables that just say whammo, how you doin’? They’re a statement and a large statement too. So join me today as we explore large coffee tables and huge coffee tables and the purpose that these monsters in our house offer. I’ve written before about the large coffee table. But I think that the huge coffee table requires its own post. It’s large and it’s in charge and it is only fitting that such a portly chap be given his own page on my site in order to feel comfortable.

Huge coffee tables more than just function

Coffee tables are pieces of furniture as we know and they are mostly a utilitarian object although being creative and curious creatures we have turned so many things into art and this includes huge coffee tables. Even the lowly glass coffee table and square coffee table have not escaped our artistic eye. And a good thing too. Can you imagine the drab world we’d live in if utilitarian objects were only about function with no hint of form or aesthetic appeal. Dreary indeed.

Huge coffee tables are great places to lay your coffee pictures or espresso coffee beans or even to put your hand coffee grinder on display with other espresso machine accessories like an espresso tamper. The face of a huge coffee table is large enough to practically sleep on. At least some of them are. And this is why huge coffee tables should be considered modern coffee tables. As it is really only the modern home with its big, cavernous and hungry spaces that can consume a huge coffee table. Like with most other wooden coffee tables, huge coffee tables will often come in a set with coffee end tables and these will likely also be in the extra large table size for their niche.

Styles of huge coffee tables

Huge coffee tables come in all sorts of styles. You can get an oak coffee table similar to mine but only bigger, or a pine coffee table or if you look around a bit you can find a mahogany coffee table as this antique coffee table like the trunk coffee table is often made pretty large as they were needed that size back in the day.

And if you’re looking for contemporary coffee tables that are huge then you might find an acrylic coffee table that size or a black glass table or even a glass top coffee table that is on the bigger end too. As far as a marble coffee table goes, I’d stay away from those that are huge coffee tables because frankly, marble is a helluva heavy and you’ll have a hard enough time trying to carry it around if it’s just a regular size coffee table. A rustic coffee table can also be pretty large especially if you have one hand made, an this is often a great idea.

Finding huge coffee tables might be more difficult than just finding regular sized coffee tables as it’s a specialty market niche. But many of your local contemporary furniture stores will often carry them. And of course I’m a huge fan of the internet and you might want to check out Craigslist, Amazon and even yard sales or estate sales if you are set on finding huge coffee tables.