How to Sweeten Coffee Naturally

Studies have proven that coffee alone is not harmful to our health. In fact the same studies indicate that coffee is in fact very beneficial. The problem starts with what we add to the coffee beverages that we consume. Cream and especially sugar are the real culprits. Sugar is especially dangerous since too much of it can cause diabetes. The good news is that there are ways that you can try so that you can still enjoy your favourite coffee drink without taking the risk that comes along with using too much sugar. There are natural ways that you can try in order to make your drink sweeter.

How to Sweeten Coffee Naturally– As we have mentioned there are ways that you can try in order to make your drinks sweeter without using the regular sugar compounds that can be health risks. Here are some steps that you can follow in order to do that:

How Much Sugar– The first thing to do is to figure out how much sugar you’re using in your coffee and how it affects the taste of the drink. You are going to need that in order to figure out the amount of alternative sweetener that you will need to replace it. The maximum amount of sugar intake for men should be nine teaspoons a day for men and six for women. If you go beyond that then you are running some risks.

Honey– This is perhaps the best alternative to sugar that you can use. Honey is natural and using it for sweetening does not entail any health risks to it. Remember that there are many types of honey and their quality can be so different from each other. If you are going to use honey just add it after the drink has been prepared and brewed. Boiling it with the water can take away most of the efficacy of honey.

Molasses– Since honey can be expensive molasses is the best alternative to use. Molasses is derived from sugar cane, the same source where table sugar is made but it is a lot healthier to use.

Raw Sugar– This is the kind of sugar that has not undergone the refining process which can cause the sugar to become a health risk. This type of sugar usually has a very dark colour to it. Many health experts prefer this form of sweetener over the others that are available today.

Agave Nectar– This is [perfect for those who like to use exotic options when it comes to their drinks. You can get this from health shops. This adds a distinctive taste to your coffee.

Flavoured Milk– Instead of using sweeteners why not just alter the way that your coffee taste by some other method? You can use flavoured coffee for this purpose. Soymilk is actually perfect for this since it is available in different flavours already. You can also take advantage of the fact that it is the milk of choice of many health conscious folks out there.