How Much Does Coffee Cost at Starbucks?

When it comes to coffee there is one name that pops up in the head of a lot of people: Starbucks. Some people might disagree with that, but you have to admit the fact that the company revolutionized the way that we see coffee and its consumption.

Starbucks Start – The company started out in 1971 in Seattle as a coffee bean retailer and roaster. The first branch moved into the historic 1912 Pike Place not long after its founding. At first the company bought green coffee exclusively from one of their contacts, but they soon moved away from that practice and they have since started buying directly from growers which is still the current method that they maintain. It has since moved on from its humble beginnings and has grown into multibillion dollar company that operates in many countries. The Starbucks sign has become as ubiquitous as the golden arch of MacDonald’s.

The company started to become very popular when they decided to sell coffee drinks to customers. There was no way that they would have reached the level of success that they are enjoying now if they stayed on with roasting coffee. The rich variety of the drinks that they serve and the unique flavors that they present are just two reasons why they are so popular right now. They also provide a convenient way for people to get high quality coffee drinks with less trouble. I enjoy their drinks myself. While I can say that I can make better coffee drinks in my home, I don’t have enough time for that so I settle for the second best thing which is a cup from Starbucks on my way to work.

How Much Does Coffee Cost at Starbucks?- Now, one of the major reasons why some people object to buying coffee from Starbucks is because they say that their drinks are overpriced. I don’t feel that that is true. In fact I feel that the price that they are charging for their drinks is quite fair considering its quality. The way that I see it if you want something that is high quality then you better pay for it. If you are not willing to spend for something then don’t go expecting the best because you won’t get that. When it comes to the coffee drinks the prices might vary from to store but in regards with their coffee beans they are the same. I actually buy my coffee mostly from them because I have fallen in love with their flavor. Here are some of my favorite coffee from them and their prices so you can see if I am buying something that’s overpriced:

Breakfast Blend- Nothing beats a cup of coffee made from this blend. This is actually the first blend that I bought from Starbucks. A bag costs about $12.

House Blend- This is the second blend that I bought from them and I never run out of a supply of this particular coffee. A pound costs about $11.95

Kenya- I tried this blend from Kenya out of curiosity and I have been hooked ever since then. You can get a pound bag of this for about $14.