How Much Caffeine in Mcdonalds Iced Coffee

McDonald’s has scored a winner with their line of coffee drinks. They are getting a huge share of the market right now which has been dominated by large coffee houses in the past few years. Part of their popularity is owing to the fact that they guarantee a fresh brew every half an hour. That means you don’t end up with a cup that has been sitting there for hours or all morning. The flavor of their coffee is also an attraction. They get the highest quality blend that’s possible.

Nutritional Content of Mcdonalds Coffee
– A small house cup of their coffee contains no fat, cholesterol or sodium. All those are supposed to be bad for the health. The calories would come from the creamer and the sugar that you add to the drink. It does not contain carbohydrates or protein as well. A single cup of this drink does not have any nutritional value. Its main benefit lies in its caffeine content. There are also many benefits that are claimed for coffee drinking. The benefits range from being beneficial for short term memory to having plenty of antioxidants.

How Much Caffeine in Mcdonalds Iced Coffee
– One of the more popular coffee drinks that Mcdonalds now has is their Iced Coffee. This is mainly seen as a more affordable alternative to the iced drinks from the more costlier coffee houses. When it comes to the flavor and to the taste there is not much difference and in fact some people believe that it is actually superior to the costlier options.

McDonalds’ claim that they make their Iced Coffee Drink with a double brew. That means that it should have twice the amount of caffeine of its hot coffee counterpart. That is probably the reason why a lot of people prefer it over the hot coffee. It packs a bigger punch when it comes to stimulation because of the double dose of caffeine.

Iced Coffee Content- There are those who are not fully impressed with the drink. They say that McDonald’s is doing a huge misrepresentation when they claim that their Iced Coffee Drink only contains coffee, sugar and light cream. In fact they point out that there are certain contents within it that have certain negative effects to the body that we have to be aware of. Here are just some of those ingredients:

Sodium Phosphate-
Just the name alone of this substance has a nasty chemical ring to it and that is not entirely wrong. This chemical is used as an ingredient in laxatives which is probably the reason why some people complain that they experience diarrhea after drinking and Iced drink from McDonald’s.

Other Ingredients- Sodium polyphosphate, DATEM, sodium stearoyl lactylate and tetra sodium pyrophosphate, these are just some of the other ingredients that are supposed to be found on a Iced drink from McDonald’s. Some of these are known to have direct negative effects on the body. So if you have developed a habit for drinking that beverage I suggest that start thinking twice about it.