How Long Can Coffee Sit Out and Other Coffee Facts

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks today and I guess it is just trailing a little behind tea. It is easy to understand why tea is still a lot more popular in certain parts of the world. They have been drinking it for centuries. While coffee has a shorter history it is by far the more common drink in the United States. Part of the appeal of coffee to Americans is the fact that it’s such a no nonsense drink. Just roast it, brew it and drink it. No ceremonies needed, just plain old coffee drinking. Its effects are far more potent as well. Though tea can contain more caffeine, it only takes a small amount of tea to make a cup of drink.

Now for all those coffee lovers out there here are some interesting facts about our favourite drink that you might find interesting:

How Long Can Coffee Sit Out– Sometimes we might brew more coffee than what we can drink at one time. So how long can we let it sit out and still drink coffee? There is no one answer to this. If you have added some creamer to it then it might go bad after a few hours. But if you have not added anything to the coffee then you can reheat and drink it hours afterwards. Some people even use it after two or three days. I would not recommend that through.

Buying Coffee in Bulk-If you are sick and tired of buying coffee in small packages all the time then you might be thinking of buying it in bulk. While you are gaining a lot on convenience you might be losing some points when it comes to the quality of the drink that you are getting especially if you are buying roasted coffee beans already. That is because coffee starts losing its flavour once it is roasted. So if you really want to buy coffee in bulk then I suggest that you get green coffee beans. These are the beans that are ready for roasting and this is usually the form that coffee is traded in.

Roasting Coffee- If you are a real coffee lover then you have to learn how to roast your own coffee at some point. This is a skill that you can learn with practice. This does not require talent, with practice you can perfect the techniques needed in order to master this skill. The process is a straight forward one and you just have to know the signs to look for when the beans have reached the right level of roasting.

Coffee Makers- There are many types of coffee makers that are available today and you just have to find the right one that you need. Some are quite simple to use while there are some very complex machines as well. I recommend that you go for an espresso machine if you want the highest quality drink that you can get. Of all the types of coffee drink this is the one that can deliver the best flavour.