Here is How to Brew Coffee without a Coffee Pot

Coffee is one of the most important drinks in the world today. People drink it mainly for two reasons. There are those who drink it because of the stimulating effect that they have and then again there are those who drink it because of the taste and flavor that they bring. I drink it for both reasons. I love the taste of coffee which I have come to look forward to tasting each morning, but I also need the powerful stimulating effect that it has on my mind which is very important for someone like me who needs his wits in order to earn a living.

The whole is seemingly in love with the drink, and I am certainly among the overwhelming majority on this one. Even in the most diverse places possible, where you wouldn’t exactly expect coffee drinkers or coffee lovers, but there they are. Of course I did not get to love coffee because it was popular, but because of what it was able to offer to me.

Brewing Without a Coffee Pot

When I was just starting to drink coffee I used to go down to the local coffee shop in order to buy my daily cup. You can imagine the hassle of having to do that. It was also expensive which for someone who was starting out like me was almost criminal. Still I did because I love the drink. One thing I wanted to know was if I could make my own coffee even if I didn’t have the necessary equipment with which to do it. It was great finding out that I can just that. If you are just like me and you would like to make your own drink at home then here are some steps that you can follow on how to brew coffee without a coffee pot:

1. Fill a water pot with 8 cups of water and then boil it. Just let it boil for a few minutes and then turn off the heat.
2. You will need nylon for this. Fill up the nylon with about 8 teaspoons of ground coffee. Then you can add more coffee if in case you prefer a stronger brew. Tie the piece of nylon.
3. Place the nylon on the side of the pot making sure that the coffee grounds are submerged under water. Ideally the coffee should steep for ten minutes but you can place it there for a longer time if you want a stronger brew.
4. Take out the nylon from the water. Your coffee should be ready for use by now.
5. In order to make it last you can place it in a thermos so you can just use it for the whole day. The resulting beverage from this procedure is very similar to what you can get even if you use a coffee pot. The use of the nylon ensures that there are no lose grounds floating around.