Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Hi there, thanks for joining me for this Hamilton Beach coffee maker review. Today, I’m going to review the Hamilton Beach 43254 coffee maker, also known as the Hamilton Beach ensemble. Hamilton Beach is a trusted name in home appliances and many folks swear by their coffee machines as well. This Hamilton Beach coffee maker is drip coffee maker and fully automatic. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper drip coffee maker out there. I’d hazard that this Hamilton Beach coffee machine is one of the cheapest automatic coffee makers on the market.

As mentioned, it is fully automatic which is a great feature especially if you ever find yourself running late in the morning and just want to grab a coffee that is readymade and head out the door to catch the bus to work… as my wife does 🙂 The Hamilton Beach 43254 Ensemble is a 12 cup coffee maker with a glass carafe. Now as you might have heard me say before if you’ve read my other blog posts, most coffee machine manufacturers including Hamilton Beach think that a cup of coffee is 5 or 6 ounces, not most coffee lovers 12 to 16 ounces. So bear that in mind.

The design of this Hamilton Beach drip brew coffee maker is simple but elegant in its simplicity. Available only in black at this time, it does have lovely stainless steel accents so it looks dynamic in any modern kitchen. Of course as any of you who have stainless steel fridges know, stainless steel seems to magically attract fingerprints somehow. But with this coffee machine, that is not as big of a problem because these accents are much smaller. And besides, shouldn’t me be cleaning our appliances regularly?

Here are some of the great features of the Hamilton Beach 43254 Ensemble drip brew automatic coffee maker:

  • 12 cup coffee maker with digital panel and intuitive display
  • Brew-pause function with the convenience of automatic programmability
  • Glass carafe has ergonomic stay cool handle and drip free spout
  • Easy to clean including the non stick hot plate
  • 1 year warrant and coffee maker has a small footprint to take up less space

The Hamilton Beach drip brew only measure around 11 inches x 8 inches x 14 inches, so it can fit easily in even the smallest galley sized kitchens. The glass carafe really does pour easily without dripping and the unit has an automatic 2 hour shutoff which is a terrific safety feature. I can’t recall the number of times I leave my coffee brewer on by accident.

Read what one satisfied customer had to say about their Hamilton Beach 43254:

Review paraphrased for space – Please click here to read full review

The things I need are pretty basic: no leaking when coffee is poured, a handle that doesn’t wobble, easy water fill, a way to tell how much water is in the reservoir, no coffee grounds in the pot and coffee that is hot when brewed. All the requirements for a good machine are met in this model. The price is excellent and the style is great. Preparation is an ease and the coffee is rich and hot. – Ginger P.