Are Green Mountain K Cups Any Good?

Are Green Mountain K cups any good? Let’s take a journey into Green Mountain coffee to find out. This post is going to explore options for where you can buy Green Mountain K cups at the best prices and the different and most flavorful options in the Green Mountain K cup line up. Green Mountain coffee K cups are different to regular coffee pods. These K cups only fit in the Keurig K cup brewers. I’ve spoken about Keurig coffee and the Keurig coffee maker elsewhere if you’d like to take a look at those posts. The Keurig coffee machine is different to the Senseo pod coffee maker which takes the Senseo coffee pods. These are the top 2 contenders in single brew coffee machines or the coffee pod maker line up. Just as with the numerous Senseo flavors available, there are a number of Keurig coffee pods and flavors available too.

Benefits of Green Mountain K Cups

But today we focus on the Green Mountain coffee pods. The nice thing that I like about Green Mountain coffee is that you can buy Green Mountain coffee beans and brew it in your regular grind and brew coffee maker or Jura coffee machine. The Green Mountain K cups are also in my opinion the most popular of the K cups out there. I don’t know the exact numbers but I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Mountain K cups outsold the other K cups by a fair bit.

My personal favorites in the Green Mountain K cup line up are: Fair Trade Wild Mountain Blueberry K cup which has the sweetness of dried blueberries as a flavor profile; Double Black Diamond Extra Bold K cup, which carries for me, smoky, nutty and woody tones in a very dark but clean coffee profile and the Green Mountain coconut K cups which is technically called the Island Coconut K cup. This coffee isn’t always available though it is probably one of Green Mountains top 3 K cups. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and people keep begging for them to make it permanent. The Green Mountain coconut K cup offers a delicately flavored coconut coffee on a Central American base. It is delicious without being overwhelming and offers a clean finish. I don’t normally enjoy flavored coffees but this is one of the exceptions.

Green Mountain K cups best price

The Green Mountain K cups best price that I have seen are either at Amazon or through the Green Mountain website if you become a Green Mountain Cafe Express club menu. Take a gander at Amazon by clicking here. They have a huge line up of Keurig K cups and they offer free shipping over $25 which is really only a couple of boxes of Green Mountain K cups. You will of course need a fancy new Keurig K cup brewer and I’d recommend all of them. However, the Breville coffee maker is a little pricier than the others and not necessarily worth it in my opinion.