Green Mountain Coffee Pods

Green Mountain coffee pods are just the next step in the long tradition of writing about coffee pods on this blog. If you click on “Coffee Pods” up on the navigation menu you’ll see what I mean. I talk a lot about the coffee pod in its various forms on this blog and today is going to be no different. So let’s get right to it.

The coffee pod strictly speaking looks like a round tea bag that contains coffee. However, if you feel an espresso pod or coffee pad as they are sometimes called you will find it to be much firmer than a tea bag. The ground espresso coffee beans are packed into these coffee pads pretty tightly so that the water takes a little longer to get through them, thus extracting a deeper and fully flavor from these coffee pods. For automatic espresso machines they have tried to standardize these coffee pods as ESE coffee pods or Easy Serve Espresso coffee pods.

How Green Mountain coffee pods work

However, we’re not talking about cappuccino machines here but rather the Keurig K Cup single serve brewer. And this is where the Green Mountain coffee pods come in. The Green Mountain coffee pod is strictly designed to fit into the Keurig K Cup brewer and nothing else. So in a way I’ve led you down the garden path with our brief discussion on coffee pods. But it is important to understand how these terms are used colloquially and how they are used specifically. So although these coffee pods from Green Mountain coffee are known as coffee pods, they are more specifically K cups, as they fit the K cup coffee maker.

Unlike the Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods which are for the Senseo coffee maker and which look like regular coffee pods, Green Mountain coffee only manufactures at the time of this writing coffee pods or K cups for the Keurig coffee machine. As an aside, I have been able to fit my Senseo coffee pods into semi automatic espresso machines that I have tried them in as well as the Senseo coffee machine.

Okay, you’re more interested in Green Mountain coffee pods and you’re probably wondering  what you flavors and options you can get with these Green Mountain coffee K cups. If you head on over to, you’ll see that there are a tremendous amount of different flavors available to you as a K cup coffee lover. The Green Mountain coffee K cup comes in over 50 flavors in just their coffee line. Green Mountain coffee also offers Green Mountain K cup teas and Green Mountain K cup hot chocolate, so there really is no reason why you would ever need to cheat on your Green Mountain coffee pods with other sullied products 🙂 Not to forget that you can also have your cake and eat it too with the Keurig coffee maker.

Getting more than coffee from your Green Mountain coffee pods

Keurig has buttoned down deals with several coffee bean purveyors including Newman’s Own Organics, Tully’s Coffee, Caribou Coffee and not to mention Timothys K cups too. So really, what are you waiting for. Get in there and try a bunch of different Green Mountain coffee pods. Some of my favorites and some of the unique offerings from the Green Mountain coffee pod line up are; Donut House coffee K cup, Extra Bold 10% Kona K cup, Fair Trade Organic Espresso Blend extra bold K cup and Emeril’s Vanilla Bean BAM! K cup. And for those looking for something different and not a coffee, you might like to try Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K cup or the Sweet Raspberry Black Iced Tea K cup.

I should also mention in closing that you don’t have to enjoy Green Mountain coffee pods as a coffee pod, they also do offer their coffees in whole bean or ground so those of with a Senseo coffee machine could also make our own Philips Senseo coffee pods out of Green Mountain coffee beans if we wanted. And if you’ve read about my K cup filter article you’ll know that you can reuse these Green Mountain coffee pods a bunch of times and keep refilling them with your favorite ground coffee beans. Even a 100 Kona coffee if that was your preference. So go ahead, try some Green Mountain coffee pods, you’ll like ’em I’m sure.