Tips When Buying A Glass Coffee Table

Today we’ll step back from coffee proper and have a look at the glass coffee table. Coffee tables generally are a popular subject here at Coffee Sensei and we’ve spoken about them before. Really, a cup of coffee without a nice place to rest it ruins the whole experience. Okay, maybe not, but a round glass coffee table can become part of the family and the overall decor of your home. So I want to offer some tips and strategies of when and how glass coffee tables might fit into your home. From the small coffee table to the large coffee table, they are all available as a glass top coffee table.

The decor considerations of the glass coffee table

Unlike wooden coffee tables like the pine coffee table, mahogany coffee table or oak coffee table, a glass coffee table does better within the contemporary home. A wooden coffee table can serve that purpose too, but it can also be used as a rustic coffee table, whereas the glass coffee table would never really pull off the country or ranch style decor. So the first thing you want to consider with any coffee table and this includes the glass coffee table is the decor within your home. If it is clean and modern you’ll accentuate your other pieces of furniture with the modern glass coffee table.

The glass coffee table that you see to your left is one of the best selling glass top coffee tables available at Amazon. It is available at over 50% off retail and has hugely positive reviews. This kind of glass coffee table like the black glass coffee table that I’ve written about before offer that contemporary look. What I really love about it is how it mixes the wooden base with the glass top. I find mixed glass coffee tables like this to be warmer and more inviting. A pure glass coffee table can be sometimes too clinical. But it does offer exemplary modernity if that is your overarching focus. As you can tell, this set includes the large rectangular coffee table as well as a pair of coffee end tables. You can also see that these are coffee tables with storage which I really like. They have a shelf at the bottom for storing coffee pictures, espresso coffee beans, magazines or even your espresso machine accessories if that is your thing.

A highly popular choice in the glass coffee table

So that is an example of a glass coffee table that has a wooden base. This is also a square glass coffee table, but glass tables like most furniture come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One of my favorite glass coffee tables is the Noguchi coffee table. This is an oval glass coffee table as can be seen in the image to the left. This was one of the earliest examples of contemporary coffee tables and remains a popular choice for many. This particular one is the Noguchi coffee table by Herman Miller so it ain’t cheap. It’ll run you over a grand and is available through Amazon. I have found Amazon to have some of the most competitive prices when it comes to coffee tables and this is no exception. You can also find other glass coffee tables like the Noguchi glass coffee table for just a couple or few hundred dollars if you’re not set on the brand of Herman Miller and you can view those through Amazon. These are not storage coffee tables as you can plainly see. But they are elegant in both design and practicality.

You can of course find other types of glass coffee table like a round glass coffee table. Though I personally have never found them to be immensely practical. But some other options that you might want to look at which include solid glass coffee tables and a glass coffee table with steel legs or base. There are to be sure some very unusual coffee tables out there. Furniture design and coffee table design in particular is a very creative pursuit so there will no doubt be something for everyone. If you are looking for an alternative to a glass coffee table you can take a look at the acrylic coffee table as an option. But I think you’ll find a glass coffee table perfectly suitable to your needs, especially if you give the care and attention it deserves. It will last you a long, long time.