Glass Coffee Cups

It’s not often that I see people drinking out of glass coffee cups. So I said to myself, “Self, why don’t we explore the reasons why or why not folks will drink coffee out of glass coffee cups.” And that is how this post came about. Perhaps the most obvious example of glass coffee cups we’ve seen are the espresso coffee cups or espresso shot glasses. Nine times out of ten, espresso shot glasses are made of glass. In this article I’m going to offer you some resources in finding your own glass coffee cups, talk about some of the different options out there and perhaps think about the reasons why folks choose glass coffee cups or not for their own usage.

The popularity of glass coffee cups

We might imagine that glass coffee cups aren’t that popular because they break easily. Yet many of us brew our coffee into a glass coffee carafe so that can’t be the case. And how often have you broken coffee mugs that slipped onto your linoleum or tile or hardwood kitchen floor and they break just like glass. In fact, I’ve dropped a glass coffee cup on my lino kitchen floor and much to my surprise, waiting with baited breath, the glass mug did not break.

One of my favorite places to buy glass coffee mugs has to be online. In fact, it seems that I’m buying more and more of my stuff online nowadays. Everything from books, CDs, clothes, coffee beans both roasted and green and kitchenware including clear glass coffee cups. Though I say that generally, as I haven’t bought any glass coffee cups yet, I still have so many different coffee mugs from all over the place. The first place to look would be Amazon. I recently came across the Bodum Bistro double walled insulated glass mug. These are the same folks that bring you the Bodum coffee makers and the French press mug. I remember seeing these at Starbucks a while back and thought what a neat idea.

Reasons for buying glass coffee cups

I think they’re fragile, being made of two layers of glass, but perhaps, I thought to myself, this is why folks don’t buy glass coffee cups as often as they do. And also perhaps, because glass coffee mugs don’t ¬†insulate very well. I’m thinking this might be it, as why would they come out with double walled insulated glass coffee mugs if glass coffee cups didn’t have a problem with keeping your coffee hot. Now saying this glass coffee cups are better than paper coffee cups and disposable coffee cups.

You also don’t see glass coffee cups with prints and logos on them very often. Maybe this is another reason why folks choose ceramic coffee cups over glass coffee cups, could be that ceramic coffee mugs are easier to print on or cheaper to print on. Anyway, this is my short article on glass coffee cups, as I mentioned earlier, take a look at Amazon first. At that point you can go and explore places like Walmart, JC Penny or other big box stores or even take a look at Bodum online and see what their offering is like. Though to be honest, I’ve found that Amazon seems to be as cheap and usually cheaper when it comes to buying many items and not just glass coffee cups.