Getting Distressed Coffee Tables and Other Furniture

Coffee tables are the most important pieces of furniture in the living room, at least that is how things look to me. The way that I see it, the coffee table becomes the focal point of the living room and its centerpiece. People gravitate towards it and it is where your visitors would congregate to talk and get to know each other. Not only does it serve as a centerpiece, the coffee table is also one of the most functional piece that you can get for your living room. It does get its name from the fact that you can place a cup of coffee over it when you are drinking and talking to someone but it can also be used for other purposes as well. You can also use it for work and you can place papers and your laptops on it. It can be very handy indeed.

Now there are lots of variations of the coffee table. It no longer is just the simple low furniture of the past. You have a whole new range of options that you can choose from. From the classical looking expensive pieces to the cheap and functional tables you can take your pick. Here are the different types of coffee table that you can choose from.

Distressed Coffee Tables- Distressed furnitures are those that look older than their actual age. That does not mean that a piece has to look battered and ready to fall apart. All it takes is for a piece to seem old and used. That would add character and style to a furniture that is highly valued by some people. We all know that antique furniture are highly prized but they are also very expensive so using a piece that would look like an antique but would not cost as much has some value in it. That is why a distressed coffee table is highly prized by some people.

Lift Top Coffee Tables- This is without a doubt the most functional sort of coffee table ever. It has a storage space inside it that can be accessed by lifting the top open. It is available in all kinds of styles so whether you prefer pieces classic looking pieces or modern ones you could still get a lift top table without any trouble. Since it is a dual purpose furniture it is also the most appropriate sort of coffee table for those who have very limited space.

Glass Coffee Tables- There was a time in the past when only the really rich people could afford a coffee table that was made out of glass. It was a mark of luxury and wealth. As new methods and techniques were developed however the manufacture of furniture using glass became easier and so its status as a rich man’s table is no longer true. Now you can get all sorts of glass coffee table to grace the interior of your very own home.

That is just three of the different coffee table types that you can get for yourself and there are a lot more. Just be sure to pick the right that would match your own style and preference.