Gaggia Titanium – Push Button Espresso, Molto Bene!

At Coffee Sensei we talk a lot about coffee machines and espresso machines, and with this post on the Gaggia Titanium we’re keeping that tradition alive. We talk a lot about cappuccino machines, because frankly, they play a very important role in providing you with that perfect cup of coffee.

As with most of the articles here, I want to give you just a tiny bit of background information on the company Gaggia before we look at the actual Gaggia titanium espresso machine. There are a large variety of Gaggia espresso machines to choose from, as Gaggia has traditionally been involved in the manufacturing of espresso and coffee machines since the early 1940s. Though the founder of Gaggia whose name was Achille Gaggia actually applied for the first patent on a steamless coffee machine. This machine forced high pressurized water over coffee grounds, giving birth to the first espresso machine and creating what we’ve come to know as the crema of the espresso. Pressure is needed for this beautiful crema.

It wasn’t until 1947 that Gaggia founded his company named after him, and the rest as they say is history. In 1977 they started producing their first espresso machines for home use, which is where their focus continues and where they have made a good name for themselves. In 1999 they were bought out by Saeco and Saeco in turn was bought out by Philips in 2009. Although as you have probably realized because we are talking about a Gaggia espresso machine with the Gaggia titanium, that they still produce coffee and espresso makers under their own name. In fact, most of the Gaggia espresso makers are produced still in Milan, Italy.

Gaggia Titanium and upscale machine

Gaggia is considered an upmarket espresso machine manufacturer. And the Gaggia titanium espresso machine is an example of this. Depending on the style of Gaggia titanium that you’re interested in, it will set you back probably at least $1000 and upwards depending on sales and where you buy it from. There a couple of choices in the Gaggia titanium line up. From the standard Gaggia titanium up to the Gaggia titanium ss espresso machine which is the top of the line in this series.

All of these machines are automatics, which means that they will grind the beans, brew the espresso, discard the spent grounds and froth the milk for you if needed. The only thing you have to do, is enjoy your cappuccino!

With the Gaggia titanium you get the following features and others that make enjoying your espresso beverage a delight and a joy. A large 2.3 liter (78 ounces) water reservoir that is removable for easy cleaning. A removable although small coffee bean hopper that accepts up to 250 grams (9 ounces). I wish more coffee machine manufacturers would make hoppers that would at least accept a full pound of coffee like most of us buy in the store. The brewer unit on the Gaggia titanium is easily removable for maintenance and cleaning. A conical burr grinder that has 18 grind settings, this is pretty decent for an automatic machine.

More features of the Gaggia Titanium

The display is a pleasing blue with 7 push buttons that control things like; temperature, on/off timer and clock, 3 coffee volume settings and you can also program pre-infusion or pre-grinding features if you like. Some folks swear by pre-infusion whereby you wet the ground coffee beans before you allow the real extraction of flavor from them. I have tried this on my manual machine, and I can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference in the flavor profile.

That is pretty much the Gaggia titanium in a nutshell. It has many features that are shared by other automatic espresso machines, and a couple of proprietary features too. Now in all honesty, you can get the same features on other automatic cappuccino machines for around a half to two thirds of the cost. But that won’t get you a Gaggia. For some of us, brand name is important and for you, you’ll want to consider the Gaggia Titanium.