The Gaggia Syncrony Espresso Machine

Alrighty then, let’s talk about the Gaggia Syncrony or more specifically the Gaggia Syncrony Logic espresso machine. Gaggia as many of you know makes a line of cappuccino machines and they offer both manual espresso machines as well as semi automatic espresso machines or super automatic espresso maker also known as fully automatic espresso machines. I’m not going to include the Gaggia Syncrony in the fully automatic cappuccino machines list as it doesn’t automatically froth and pour the milk for you.But hey, for a cappuccino machine that is under a grand (at Amazon), you wouldn’t really expect that would you? And if you did, you should be worried about the quality of the espresso maker in question.

However, if you’re looking for a fully automatic espresso machine I’d suggest you take a look at the Gaggia Titanium espresso maker which is a great choice for a Gaggia espresso machine. The Gaggia Titanium espresso machine is a fully automatic espresso coffee machine that has received glowing reviews. I’ve written about it and you can access that post via the previous link. Gaggia coffee machines by the way are an excellent choice generally. This is a coffee maker company that has been around over 75 years, and the founder of Gaggia from which the company gets its name patented the first steamless coffee machine in 1938. Just in time to offer troops espresso cappuccino on a grand scale 🙂

The Gaggia Syncrony Compact Digital

But let’s get back to the Gaggia Syncrony digital espresso machine. It is digital because it has a digital screen that is very handy for choosing the different types of espresso beverages you might enjoy. The Gaggia Syncrony compact digital display provides 7 buttons for you to control all of the Gaggia Syncrony’s features. This makes it intuitive and easy to learn. For example, with these 7 buttons you can choose amongst other things, 5 different temperature settings, 3 volume settings as well as an on/off alarm clock and timer. So for example, after a very long night at work or partying it up, you can program the Gaggia Syncrony just before bed so that it will have for you a fresh doppio long shot espresso if that is your wish. Something that I find very helpful to get my eyes open and wash away the eye sand after a hard night!

Attention to detail on the Gaggia Syncrony

Additionally, it is the small attention to detail where I really think Gaggia shines and the Gaggia Syncrony is no different. You get a double boiler, a thermoblock stainless steel lined brewing boiler and an aluminum steaming boiler. This allows you to go from brewing (requiring a lower temperature) to steaming (requiring a higher temperature) with barely any down time. So your espresso is not getting cold as you wait for your boiler to get up to temperature so you can froth your milk.

Another feature that shows the attention to detail that the good folks at Gaggia care about is the stainless steel Pannarello steaming wand. You might be wondering what’s so great about a stainless steel steaming wand. Well a lot actually, those plastic steaming wands that are sadly all too common just crack and break after use for one thing, and I personally don’t relish the idea of drinking any hot liquids from a plastic mug. And the temperature coming from a steaming wand is very high, you can only imagine the chemicals its leaching from any plastic parts into your milk. Not very appetizing, at least for me.

Of course there are many other features that you would expect to find on a good espresso machine like the ability to adjust the coffee grind settings, adjust the amount of espresso coffee beans that the Gaggia Syncrony is using etc. Those are all standard on the Gaggia Syncrony. However, another feature that I must mention before I leave is the bypass doser. What this allows you to do is add your own ground coffee beans like 100 Kona coffee if that is your choice, so you can brew any type of coffee bean you like, without having to worry about filling up the whole coffee bean hopper. The one thing that the Gaggia Syncrony doesn’t offer is the ability to use coffee pods or coffee pads including the many varieties of espresso pod. But that’s  not really a drawback when you’re looking at buying a super automatic espresso machine.

So take a look at Amazon where I’ve found they have great prices on the Gaggia Syncrony and while you’re at it, why not pick up a pound of authentic Italian espresso beans like say, Lavazza Blue or Lavazza Rossa?