Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso Machine Review

Gaggia Platinum Vision

Welcome to the Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine review. This Gaggia epsresso maker is one of Gaggia’s super automatic espresso machines. This means it practically drinks the espresso or latte for you. Well almost. Today we’ll take a look at this expensive but priced with its peers automatic espresso machine. Not many folks know this, but Gaggia is also famous for their gelato machines an were the first to produce a steamless espresso machine in 1938. Today Gaggia is part of the Saeco group which is part of Philips and they own the Senseo pod coffee machine too.

A super automatic espresso machine like this Gaggia 90951 takes the espresso coffee beans, grinds them and pours your shot as well. Many of the fully automatic espresso makers like this Gaggia espresso maker also froth your milk and if you’re looking for a hands free solution then the Gaggia 90951 is one to consider. The benefits of these machines is consistency of quality as everything is mechanically or electronically controlled. The drawbacks are that when you buy a Gaggia espresso machine like this or another brand, you’re typically looking at spending well over a thousand dollars and sometimes over 2 grand to get the best. So these fully automatic espresso machines are not cheap.

As far as super automatic espresso makers go, this Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso machine makes the whole process very easy. It also allows you to use the bypass doser if you’d prefer to use your own ground coffee. However, the included ceramic burr grinder does an excellent job at grinding the espresso beans for the right consistency for delicious cappuccino’s, lattes and other espresso based beverages.

Here are just some of the many features of the Gaggia Platinum Vision:

  • This automatic espresso machine has easy to use touch screen controls
  • 15 bars of pump pressure from the stainless steel boiler ensure excellent flavor extraction
  • Your choice of pre-ground coffee or using the quite built-in ceramic burr grinder
  • The large 57 ounce water reservoir is removable for easy refilling
  • The Panarello steam wand and milk island is included for consistent frothing

With the Panarello wand you can steam the milk yourself or allow the wand to steam and froth the milk for you by using the milk island. The top of the Gaggia Platinum Vision espresso maker is a cup warmer which is handy and advisable to use to keep your cups pre-warmed. The Panerello wand as you’d expect in an espresso machine of this caliber can be used to pour hot water too. The number of features are lengthy and what you’d expect when putting down a grand or more on a fully automatic cappuccino machine.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about their Gaggia Platinum Vision:

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The machine is easy to use, and it’s actually kinda fun! With one push of a button, you have a professional quality espresso in less than a minute. I’ve learned how to make an Americano just like at Starbucks, and it’s cheaper and more convenient. We haven’t had a single issue. It froths the milk very well, and if you don’t like as much foam, you can turn it off before it finishes its cycle. – C. Media