Gaggia Evolution

Today, I’m happy to talk about one of my favorite types of cappuccino machine, the Gaggia Evolution. Now why do I say it’s one of my favorites to talk about? Because this Gaggia espresso machine is a manual. And if you’ve read a few of my posts, then you know that I’m a big fan of manual espresso machines over super automatic espresso machines. Now don’t get me wrong, the automatic espresso machines definitely have their place, I just prefer the human control that you can have with a manual cappuccino machine.

Okay, with that caveat taken care of, let’s get to it. Gaggia espresso machines are almost ubiquitous with espresso and Italian coffee culture. Perhaps this is because Gaggia espresso has a long and distinguished history of offering great coffee machines, both for home use and commercial espresso machines for coffee shops that are steeped in the tradition of Italian coffee culture or lore.

History of the Gaggia Evolution company

It was Achille Gaggia who first obtained the patent for the first steamless coffee machine and because of that he practically invented the crema that we’ve come to love and enjoy. Before that, coffee with crema was practically unknown. Alright, a little bit of history makes the latte that much smoother and yummier!

Gaggia offers a complete line of great coffee machines from the manual espresso machine to the super automatic espresso machine. Examples of the latter would include the Gaggia Titanium. An all round terrific little unit. Gaggia also makes a couple of very elegantly designed machines that take coffee pods. Gaggia partnered with Illy to produce these units that take the coffee pod or as they say in Italy the cialde Lavazza, or probably in this instance cialde Illy!

More specifics about the Gaggia Evolution

But back to the topic at hand which is the Gaggia Evolution. Gaggia has as of this writing 11 different manual coffee machines of which the Evolution is just one. However, a lot of them are just slight alterations of the main version. The Gaggia Evolution however, stands alone and unrepentant with no peers. I jest a bit of course, I should be writing for advertising. But the Evolution truly doesn’t have any sub sets.

So what can you expect from your Gaggia Evolution espresso maker? Well for starters, Gaggia provides their professional group and coffee filter which is used in their commercial cappuccino machines. This allegedly offers greater flavor profile consistency of the coffee, perhaps due to it being chromed brass. As with other Gaggia coffee machines, the porta filter comes with two filters so that you can brew using both ground coffee or coffee pods. Something else you might not really be interested in but it is these kinds of subtle attention to detail that has made Gaggia the giant in their industry, is the 3 way solenoid valve. What does this do? Well it allows for the release of pressure from the porta filter after your shot has been poured. This allows for a drier coffee puck which makes clean up easier and quicker.

You’ll also find a lot of the other standard features that you’ve come to enjoy and expect from Gaggia. Things like their pannarello wand and rapid steam system. So for around two hundred and fifty bucks you can get your hands on a brand spanking new Gaggia Evolution. A good coffee machine from one of the better coffee machine manufacturers. And while you’re at it, you might as well get a Gaggia grinder along side your Gaggia Evolution to grind your coffee perfectly.