French Press Mug – Traditional Coffee On The Go

Today we’ll talk all about the French press mug. The French press coffee mug is based on the French press design which is a classic and traditional way of enjoying coffee. In fact, many coffee experts will suggest that drinking coffee from a French press is the best way to enjoy the full flavor profile of the coffee. And I’d agree with this statement. So before we get into the details of the French press travel mug, let’s take a moment as we are wont to do, to first understand the method of enjoying coffee with a French press. The French press is sometimes referred to as a Bodum, as Bodum is one of the major manufacturers of this type of press. Though strictly speaking the name for such a press is the French press, and this is what I will continue to call it.

The French press as you might imagine was invented in France around 1850 though as it seems with everything related to coffee, it took an Italian to patent it in 1929 and another Italian to perfect it over the years. The French press is also known as a press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger or cafetiere a piston which sounds to me like it is French for coffee machine with piston or something like that.

How the French press mug works

A French press is a very simple instrument for enjoying a cup of great coffee and the design is very aesthetically pleasing. A glass cylindrical beaker is usually caged within a plastic or metal skeleton and stand. Into this are poured the coffee grounds which traditionally have a very coarse coffee grind so that not much of the coffee grinds can escape the plunger’s filter. The coffee grinds are mixed with just off-boiling hot water and stirred. The plunger which is usually a metal rod with some sort of filter on it is placed to rest just above the coffee and water. After a few minutes the plunger is pushed all the way down, trapping the coffee grinds in the bottom fifth or so of the glass beaker. The coffee from the French press is now enjoyed. See the photo for a picture of a French press.

Though many French presses are glass you can get them as a stainless steel French press that will often be manufactured as a thermal French press. It will keep the coffee inside warm. I personally have a problem with this and here’s why. Because in a French press mug or a regular French press, the coffee stays in contact with the hot water, after about 20 or so minutes the coffee starts to become bitter. French press coffee is best enjoyed soon after brewing. In my humble opinion.

Drilling down to the specifics of a French press mug

So now that you know what a French press is, it is easy to imagine what a French press mug would be. It is basically a mug that has the French press mechanism or French press plunger and filter incorporated into it’s design. Though frankly, when I think of a mug I usually think of a glass or ceramic or porcelain mug and I haven’t found a French press mug like that very often. More often, the type of French press coffee mug I have seen is the French press travel mug, most often used by backpackers and urban warriors looking for a traditional and delicious way to enjoy their coffee wherever they might be.

If you want to experiment with French press coffee I would buy an average sized half liter or 16 ounce French press. If you like it, or if you really want a French press mug then by all means get yourself one. I want to encourage as many people as I can to start carrying personal coffee mugs around with them wherever they go. It is astounding to me and sad, the amount of waste that coffee stores are throwing out in the garbage made up primarily of disposable cups. A French press mug is a great contribution to the environment. Best of all it can act as your regular coffee mug too, who says you have to used it for solely French press coffee, have your local coffee shop pour their daily brew in their too. Or even, after you’ve given it a bit of a wash, it is perfect for tea or any other of your favorite beverages.

And you’ll find that a French press mug is as reasonably priced as your regular coffee travel mug. Plus, the French press mug has more uses, so go ahead and enjoy!