Free Coffee Maker

Free coffee maker. Doesn’t everyone love to get something for free now and then? I know I do, and we’re going to talk about how to get a free coffee maker. Free coffee makers are not the easiest to come by, but there is at least one program that I am aware of that will give you a free coffee maker that you can use an office coffee maker if you have just a small group that you work with or you can use it as one of the many office coffee makers if you work for a larger company. Though I am certain that most of us will selfishly used our free coffee maker for home use. And this is probably the best way to use them as they are just your regular coffee machine. Though I’ve gotta say that the free coffee maker I’ve seen is certainly a decent one. Fully automatic and with a stainless steel thermal carafe.

Really, a free coffee maker?

Now many of you will be asking if you can really get a coffee maker for free. And the answer is yes and I’m going to show you how in just a little while. Although if you’ve been an Earthling for longer than about 2 seconds you know that there is always a price or a cost to anything that is free.

So is that the case here. Is there a catch to the free coffee maker. A mon amis, you are wise ones. They always told me that coffee was good for the brain, makes you sharper, and now I can see evidence of that clearly. Yes friends, there is a catch to getting your free coffee maker.

Most often the catch is paying for shipping and handling. And this is exactly the case. Though I believe that historically the free coffee maker deal included shipping and handling so that you paid for nothing. The catch in that case however, was that you were signed onto a continuity program. Every month you’d be sent a couple pounds of coffee in 4 half pounds pack. This will cost you anywhere from around $29 to $49 a month. The free coffee maker program that I’m going to share still has this forced continuity program. Now to be fair, the coffee isn’t excessively priced and many folks enjoy it. Also, you can cancel at any time and still keep your free coffee maker, by using mail, the phone or their website to cancel.

So how do I get a free coffee maker?

The only company that I know of that is offering this free coffee machine deal at the moment is Gevalia. They don’t always offer the free coffee maker with the thermal carafe and as of this writing there is only a free coffee maker offer with the regular glass carafe. They also have a coffee for two offer which is like a single serve coffee machine but it pours into two travel mugs. The requirements of this offer are steeper at around $30 for shipping and handling and the coffees that you have to buy. However, their offers change now and then and so you should be aware of that.

The Gevalia coffee makers don’t accept coffee pods, espresso pods or any coffee pod like the Keurig coffee pods or Senseo coffee pods. They are regular coffee makers like the kind you’d expect from your Melitta coffee maker or Bunn coffee makers. Not vacuum coffee makers or semi automatic espresso machines or even your regular cappuccino machine for that matter.

So what exactly do you get with your free coffee maker? I don’t want to down play this offer too much. I think it is a great offer frankly and the coffee machine that you get from Gevalia is probably as decent a drip coffee maker as you’ll find many other places. I have not personally tried their coffees so I can’t vouch for the flavor and bouquets of them. Though many reviews are positive on the taste and body of many of the Gevalia coffees.

Okay, so you get the free coffee maker which is fully programmable and comes in either white or black. You also get a free stainless steel coffee spoon and your choice of 2 half pounds of coffee. It is the actual coffee that you are being charged for and not the shipping or handling. The total for this free coffee machine is $14.95. I don’t think that’s too shabby for the complete set of goodies you’re getting. The only thing you need to be careful about is to cancel any future orders if you do not want to receive them.

But you might enjoy the Gevalia coffees. They are considered premium coffees, at least according to the company, and although I hadn’t heard of them much before, they are a direct to consumer coffee and tea company based in Sweeden (with offices in the USA. Your coffee is not traveling far!). They have been around since 1853, so they aren’t a fly by night company. You can reliably expect your free coffee maker and coffees to arrive consistently.