Finding the Best Home Coffee Roaster

I have been drinking coffee for most of my life, so when I say that I know a lot about this drink, I really mean that. I know the ins and outs of coffee drinking. I know the best coffee shops in my city and I know the best blends to buy. My friends and family know s about my expertise, which is why whenever they have a coffee question to be settled, I am the man that they go to.

Buying Coffee Roasted – One of the biggest questions when it comes to coffee drinking is whether you should buy roasted or green coffee. Buying roasted is a lot more practical of course especially for ground beans. All you have to do is to unpack it and it’s ready to go. The problem with buying roasted however  has something to do with the flavour of the coffee. Once the beans have been roasted, they start losing flavour and aroma right away and they lose it very quickly. This just means that roasted coffee beans can not be stored for long periods of time.

Green Coffee Beans– The solution to this is to buy green coffee beans. Green beans are coffee beans that have undergone the processing right after harvest but have not been roasted. They can be stored for longer periods. In fact t is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world.

The problem with buying green coffee beans is that you have to do the roasting yourself. It seems like a complicated process that needs a lot of skill. Also, it works against those who are usually so busy to engage in such activities. For real coffee lovers however, that’s all worth it. If you are one of those real coffee lovers out there, and you are looking for best home coffee roaster then here are some suggestions:

  • Fresh Roast SR500- The Free Roast roasters have always been known as top of the line roasters that can be used to provide the right kind of beans for any drink. The SR500 is the latest line of their products. It has an excellent temperature setting that allows you to control the quality of the drink that you are making. You can get the SR500 for about $160. Don’t let your kitchen go on without one of these roasters.
  • Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster- The main thing about roaster from Nesco is that it utilizes a special system that uses catalytic technology in order that a majority of the smoke produced in roasting can be eliminated. So if you want a clean and clear time roasting then get this model.You can get this home device for about $150.
  • I-Roast2- If you are just alone in your place and you just consume a cup or two everyday then this is the best roaster model for you. It has precise temperature controls that let you pick the right level of roasting that you need for your coffee.

These are just some of the things that you can use for your home coffee roasting.