Filter Coffee Makers – 3 Top Choices

Filter coffee makers are what are otherwise known as drip coffee machines that most of us in North America use. So in today’s chit chat I’ll be likely using these terms interchangeably so stay with me. I’ve written a bit about coffee makers generally and you’ll find some of my previous entries under personal coffee maker if you’re looking for a single serve coffee maker and also dual coffee maker which is similar to the personal filter coffee maker but can also mean a coffee maker and cappuccino machine combination as I point out. Today I’ll give you a few of my favorite coffee machines. But just a quick aside. If you’re looking for coffee maker parts I have written about that too. But this entry will focus more on a new filter coffee machine which is I hope what most of you are looking for.

I won’t be speaking about an office coffee machine or coffee vending machines, this is strictly about home or personal use filter coffee makers. So with that said, let’s get into the coffee maker machine for the home. Grab and espresso cappuccino and/or coffee of  your choice and let’s get busy.

My filter coffee makers recommendations

The first of the filter coffee makers I’d like to mention is ye old standby the Bunn coffee makers. I’m a big fan of the thermal carafe in my home coffee makers and so I recommend the Bunn STX Specialty 10 cup coffee maker with the thermal carafe, available at Amazon. This filter coffee maker brews your coffee incredibly quickly in about 3 to 4 minutes, and it brews into a thermal coffee carafe which keeps your wicked brew warm for quite some time. I don’t think I’ll ever go with a glass coffee carafe again. They break as you know, and seem to break very often. Especially when Murphy comes visiting 🙂

Another of the filter coffee makers that I can recommend is the DeLonghi coffee maker or as some folks say the DeLonghi coffee machine. Again, I’m limiting the choice to the DeLonghi coffee maker with thermal carafe. And as I write this, the DeLonghi DCF210TTC 10 cup coffee maker passes the grade. DeLonghi is a huge and popular brand that has stood the test of time. What I like abou this particular unit is that it is fully programmable and it can be yours for under 100 bucks at Amazon as I write this.

All the filter coffee makers so far have been dreary and I know your query might have been for something more colorful and so I present to you the Hamilton Beach 43253 Ensemble 12 cup coffeemaker. This is a red coffee maker and I know that many folks are looking for a splash of color in their kitchen appliances lately and red coffee makers sure do make a splash. I mention this red coffee maker which is available at Amazon, because it is less than fifty bucks and has great reviews. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have a thermal coffee carafe so this is its Achille’s heel.

Last of the filter coffee makers but certainly not least!

The last of the filter coffee makers I’d like to mention, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t is the KitchenAid coffee maker. The KitchenAid 10 cup thermal carafe coffee maker is a terrific option, new on the market, it hasn’t yet proven itself as I write this, but it looks stylish as hell and is available at Amazon. I love Amazon in case you aren’t yet aware 😉 because I just haven’t very often found cheaper prices and a more hassle free shopping experience.

There are other filter coffee makers out there, but this post is getting long. But if you’re interested, I have written specifically about a few. Check out the Melitta coffee maker, the Breville coffee maker from the folks down under, the Japanese Zojirushi coffee maker better known for their rice cookers, grind and brew coffee makers if you’re looking for the full meal deal and of course the free coffee maker from the good folks at Gevalia. Good coffee too. Filter coffee makers for you and your whole family, I sure hope you find one you like.