Decor Tips: Using Extra Large Round Coffee Tables and Other Accessories to Enliven Your Living Room

Picking the right decorations and furniture for your living room is very important. The way that your living room looks is a reflection of your personality. The pieces that you pick can tell people who you really are. Whether it is really true that a person’s character can be seen by looking at the furnishings matters little since people will always associate the two in their minds. That is why you need to consider your choices when it comes to living room decorations very carefully because that is the first thing that your guests wills see when they visit your home. Here are some ideas that you can consider for your living room including the value that extra large round coffee tables can add to your decor:

Coffee Tables

Most people will agree that the coffee table is the centerpiece of a living. It is where people start to gather around once they are in a room. If you have a very large room then it is a good idea to use extra large round coffee tables or perhaps just one! An extra large round coffee table can handle being the gathering place for your visitors. Remember that a coffee table is meant to be seen and noticed. It should never be in a corner. A round coffee table can be a good choice especially if there are children in the house. It will not present any danger from the sharp square corners found on square coffee tables.

Choose Colors Carefully

Picking the color to use in your living room should done in a careful and scientific manner. Certain colors can convey warmth and welcoming more than others. Green is one of the best colors that you can use for your living room. It has several shades that can be used to find the perfect match for the rest of the room and it goes well with the browns that you’ll usually find on coffee tables. Just like the brown bark of trees goes well with the green of their leaves.

Mirrors for Depth

You can use mirrors to add a feeling of depth to your room. This can be very useful if you have limited space in this particular room of the house. Remember to have the mirror reflect something that is pleasing to the eye like a painting or a picture.

A Lived in Feeling

You can add a lived in feeling to the room by placing some small furniture there like a low sofa or chair. Fill the room with books and magazines, flower vases. Be sure to be orderly in the way that you place these objects around the room, or you might give it a cluttered look.


If you want to achieve a sense of elegance in your home then place some statues around. Nothing denotes class and style like a marble statue in your living room. Again, sometimes less is more. One statue is great, 2 can be very attractive if you have the space, but 3 or more statues and you start to look like a museum!


Another great idea to give accent and style to your abode is to use certain types of lamps. They can be placed on table tops and other places where they can lend a certain warmth to the room especially at night. Like mirrors the light given off by lamps can give a sense of depth and coziness to your living room. They have other uses which is that they can change the mood of the room depending on the number and the brightness as well as type of bulbs you use in the lamps.

There is virtually no limit to the way that the lights given off by lamps can change the look and feel of your room. Lamps are an easy and relatively inexpensive way of changing the decor and mood of any room. Don’t just think of desk lamps or lamps for the coffee table, floor lamps are great choices too.