Extra Large Coffee Tables and Other Pieces

The coffee table is one of the most important piece of furnishing in a home. It can become the centerpiece where people can gather around and congregate. The coffee table was invented out of the need of people for a table that could hold their drinks. It first came out when tea was introduced to England. Those “tea tables” were still different with the coffee tables that we have today. They were a little higher. When coffee drinking became fashionable and the use of sofas which were low seats were introduced the low slung table was developed.

There are various coffee tables that are available today. There are the extra large coffee tables which can be used in large rooms and there are the lift top coffee tables which can be especially useful in cramped spaces because it is a dual purpose furniture with a top that can be lifted up for use as a space for storage.

Here are some coffee tables that you can get:

1. Hammary Nueva round Cocktail Table in Aged Copper- This cocktail or coffee table carries a unique touch of elegance to it. With the aged copper finish and metal construction it can convey a lot of meaning and character to the room where it will be placed. Its base is very sturdy and can looks great. This is the perfect piece for those who want peace and repose in their study or living room. You can get this elegant piece online for a sale price of $239.00.

2. Magnussen Aidan Round Coffee Table- This piece has a timeless look to it that can be an asset to any house or room. It can convey a classic and traditional taste so if you are leaning on the conservative and old types of furniture the Aidan Round Coffee Table is perfect for you. This table was handcrafted from the finest wood that is available and then given a cinnamon finish. The legs are intricately carved and given a very fine design that matches the pattern on the table top. Magnussen Home knows that furniture is needed more than just provide seats or tables for homes they create pieces like these in order to give a personal style to any home setting. Some sites offer the Aidan Round Coffee Table for $189.99.

3. Wildon Home Enola Cocktail Table- This table carries a modern design. The base or legs of this cocktail table forms an X on two sides which supports the table top that has glass on it. Yo would have to do some assembly with this table since the glass top has to be packed separately but it would all be worth it once you have it sitting in the middle of your living room. You can get this modern looking piece for only $199.99.

These are just some of the coffee tables that you can get for your home. There are many more that’s available it would be totally up to you to choose which one to pick for your own home.