Extra Large Coffee Tables

Today we’ll have some coffee klatch chit chat about extra large coffee tables. Doing some research for this, I was surprised to find how hard it is to really get a good collection of extra large coffee tables about which to talk about. I’ve written about the large coffee table before and all manner of other coffee tables like the pine coffee table, oak coffee table, lift top coffee table, huge coffee tables and the glass coffee table as well. But this one has been most challenging. And as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, there doesn’t seem to be any consistent sizing to coffee table, whether wooden coffee tables, marble coffee tables or others. It’s not like clothing sizes. I know I am usually safe with a large T-shirt, but what size exactly is the extra large coffee table?

The difficulty in sizing extra large coffee tables

Aye, there’s the rub. For some ground rules, I’d suggest that a rectangular coffee table of regular size is no more than 40 or so inches long by 20 or so inches deep, give or take. When you’re getting beyond say 4 feet and 2 feet I’d consider that getting into the large coffee table arena. For square coffee tables I think anything wider than around 3 feet would be considered large.

For example, oversized coffee tables could mean many things to many people. If you have an especially large mansion you’ll likely want a custom large square coffee table to built for your living room. As an example, a wood coffee table with a dark Cherry finish and ornate carvings is almost 4 and a half feet square (51 inches). A decent size to be sure but it’s not a massive coffee table or even a gargantuan coffee table. That’s why I said that large coffee tables are more difficult to come by than one would realize.

If it were me, I’d probably look at getting a custom built large coffee table for my home, if you are set on finding and extra large coffee table. Of course, you’ll pay a little more, but you’ll have something that is solid and very well made that will likely last you a lifetime and could be one of those coffee tables with storage that you can leave to your children or great grandchildren.

Last suggestions on finding extra large coffee tables

One of the best suggestions I can leave you with for finding extra large coffee tables that will suit your particular situation is to look local as well. I would search online for local modern furniture stores and call them up to see what types of large coffee tables that they have available. I’d also perhaps look at estate sales. Even 50 years ago, furniture was more durable and oftentimes a little larger than what we are used to. Along with that, Craigslist and places like that can be good scouting grounds for extra large coffee tables, coffee end tables and even contemporary coffee tables. Hope this helped, and I wish you good hunting.