Espresso Coffee Pods

Espresso coffee pods is today’s topic. I don’t think I’ve done the lowly espresso coffee beans a good enough service of highlighting their wonderfulness on this blog. So today we’ll look at the real mensch of coffee beans the espresso coffee beans. And for those of you who enjoy hassle free quick espresso cappuccino then you’re going to love this article all about espresso coffee pods. And for the purists out there, espresso made from coffee pods can be quite delicious. I’ve tried several varieties and I’ve loved them all. So pull up a chair, grab a nice espresso macchiato or your preferred espresso beverage and let’s dive into deliciousness.

A couple of options for enjoying espresso coffee pods

There are a ton of ways to enjoy espresso coffee pods, and I’m going to start with the old school way and work our way up to the new fangled technologies out there. For the first way to enjoy this type of espresso coffee pod, or coffee pads as they are called in Europe, you’re going to need an espresso coffee machine. However, automatic espresso machines will not work with espresso coffee pods. At least most of the automatic espresso machines that I’ve seen. But there are some DeLonghi espresso machines that will work. Basically you are looking for semi automatic espresso machines like the Rancilio Silvia which is a great Rancilio espresso machine.  The Jura Capresso is another option as is the Gaggia Baby.

You need a manual espresso coffee maker because this has the removable portafilter and that is where you will place the espresso coffee pods or ESE coffee pods which are pretty much the industry standard in size for most cappuccino machines out there with their varying sized portafilters.

Now all you do with these cappuccino makers is place the espresso coffee pod in the portafilter and reattach your portafilter to the espresso cappuccino machine. It’s that easy. These coffee pods are like thick and compact tea bags, having been pre-tamped to the required firmness for allowing maximum flavor extraction from the espresso coffee that is within them.

Some of my favorite espresso coffee pods are the cialde Lavazza (that’s coffee pod in Italian) such as the Lavazza Blue or Lavazza Gran Crema coffee pods. What I like about the Lavazza coffee pods is that they really do provide a nice crema, which for me is an important aspect of coffee enjoyment. I’ve even made my own Lavazza Rossa coffee pods with a coffee pod maker and the crema turned out thick and creamy and oh so delicious. Seems you can’t go wrong with a nice Italian espresso roasted coffee for your espresso coffee pods. So that’s where I’d start, with some traditional Italian espresso coffee pods. From there, you can try Green Mountain coffee pods, although you’ll need to buy the Green Mountain coffee beans and make your own coffee pods from them, as they Green Mountain coffee pods are made for the Keurig K cup coffee machine.

The new school way of enjoying espresso coffee pods

And this brings us to our next option for enjoying espresso coffee pods. Here you will need to use coffee pod machines like the Senseo pod coffee maker also known as the Philips Senseo coffee pod maker. This system uses Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods or just Senseo coffee pods which look very much like regular espresso coffee pods but are a slightly different size. Though truth be told, I have used them in my cappuccino machine with pretty good success. The nice thing about the Senseo coffee pod is that there are a ton of different varieties in both espresso and especially coffee flavor and roast styles. Not only that, but you can get Millstone coffee pods as well as Folgers coffee pods that fit the Senseo pod coffee machine. The Senseo espresso roast coffee pods are pretty damn tasty.

Another option amongst the coffee pod makers is the Keurig K cup coffee machine. This is single serve coffee maker just like the Senseo, but Keurig uses their own Keurig coffee pods or proprietary Keurig K cups as they are more commonly known. They look like those small plastic thimbles of milk with the foil lid that you can get, only the Keurig K cups are bigger. There are a ton of choices here too as Keurig has licensed out there K cup process to a bunch of different suppliers. Green Mountain espresso coffee pods are one kind, but also Newman’s Own Organics coffee pods, Tully’s coffee pods amongst others. Timothy’s Rainforest Extra Bold Espresso K cup is my favorite of the Keurig espresso coffee pods.

So hopefully that has given you some insight into not only single cup coffee makers but also using your cappuccino machine to enjoy easy, hassle free, no mess espresso. There should be something here for everyone and some different espresso coffee pods options for you to try if you’re looking for something new.